Pregnant Candance Owens attacks Miley Cyrus and Jameela Jamil for abortion views: ‘You are not murderers’

The conservative Black commentator-activist announced that she was pregnant on Instagram with a short video

                            Pregnant Candance Owens attacks Miley Cyrus and Jameela Jamil for abortion views: ‘You are not murderers’
Candace Owens (Getty Images)

Conservative Black commentator-activist Candace Owens is pregnant and she announced it on Instagram. She posted a short video that opened with a close-up of her face, juxtaposed with clips from various events Owens spoke at and the causes she supported, and finally a shot of hers holding her belly – it ends with the text December 2020. She explains the message behind the clip in a long caption where she announces her pregnancy, talks about abortion, attacks Miley Cyrus and Jameela Jamil about their opinions.

She wrote: “I remember the first time I learned about abortion in school. ‘It’s a clump of cells until after 3 months’ said my obtuse gym teacher turned health instructor. Fast forward to more than a decade later to my 10-week scan, and I will never forget the feelings I experienced.” She continued, “I was amazed that our baby already had arms and legs, hands and feet, and was dancing around inside me. I was overcome by an inexorable sense of love followed by the powerful realization that I would do anything and everything to protect my unborn child. But I was mostly astonished that all those years ago in high school, I was lied to. I was brainwashed into believing that it was my body, and therefore, simply, my choice.”

She went to criticize Cyrus and Jamil for supporting abortion. Owens wrote: “Today it’s become fashionable for narcissistic celebrities, to perpetuate such brainwash amongst their fans. Like @mileycyrus, posing half-naked with her tongue out over a cake that reads “abortion”. Like @jameelajamilofficial, tweeting to scores of vulnerable young girls about how “proud” she is of an earlier abortion from her teen years.”

She added: “Years ago, I would have thought these women were heroic feminists. Today I know that they are anything but. And so as I move into this next chapter of my life I want to say this: To all of the young girls who have vocally supported abortion— you are allowed to change your mind. To all the young women who made uninformed decisions to go through with abortions: you are not “murderers” and you are not automatically disqualified from being pro-life. You too can have a change of heart. Education followed by transformation is one of life’s greatest offerings.”

Owes concluded her caption by saying, “These past 5 1/2 months have been a whirlwind. A viral video with over 200 million views, comedians threatening to physically assault me, adult men degrading me because they disagree with my viewpoints on George Floyd, while others have accused me of not “showing up”, not being invited, or not caring enough to jump into the perpetual protest scene. It is such a relief to finally share the truth. Life is a miracle. Life is sacred. And when women carry life, we get to become the keepers of some of the Universe’s greatest secrets: beginnings.”

In January this year, Jamil has canceled the invitation of Owens on her podcast after accusing her of "inciting hatred" through her comments on trans people. Owens had mocked the cancelation, writing, "Sad to announce that Jameela Jamil has revoked my invitation on her podcast because I tweeted 'only women can give birth.' Apparently the statement made her trans co-workers feel 'unsafe.' My refusal to untether myself from biological realities has cost me, yet again. Sad."

According to a CNN report, in May Jamil had criticized an abortion bill signed by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp which stated that abortions will be banned if a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as six weeks into pregnancy. 'The Good Place' actress in a now-deleted tweet had shared about having an abortion when she was young, and "it was the best decision I have ever made", as reported by CNN. 

Owens’ attack on Cyrus was a reference to a photo posted by the latter of herself licking a cake with the words “Abortion is Healthcare” written on it. Cyrus had captioned it saying: “Very special collab with @plannedparenthood @happyhippiefdn @marcjacobs TO BE ANNOUNCED veryyyyyy soon!”

After Owens' announcement, Twitter also congratulated her. One wrote: "Congratulations to you and your husband Candace!! You will both be great parents raising the next generation of conservatives!! God Bless!!"


Another said, "Congratulations Candace. You are going to be one hell of an inspirational Mama. It is a truly beautiful thing to see women who are proud to be Mothers and genuinely cherish the gift of being a parent. You're an amazing person and are going to bring a bright light into the world."


Another said, "This is how a real black family should be. Loved by their parents. Congratulations Candace, joy unending is released upon your home.


Another said, "Congratulations Candace Owens. Hopefully, because of people like you, your children and mine will grow up in same beautiful America that all sane people know and love. We have to stop the Dems before we turn into Cuba!"


One stated, "I was just thinking about you last night and was hoping you were moving forward with starting a family. Congratulations Candace and Michael! I am so happy for you."




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