Jameela Jamil slams Candace Owens for 'hatred' against trans people after 'only women can give birth' remark

The actress and political activist had a public spat on Twitter about some of the comments Owens had made.

                            Jameela Jamil slams Candace Owens for 'hatred' against trans people after 'only women can give birth' remark
Jameela Jamil and Candace Owens (Getty Images)

'The Good Place' star Jameela Jamil has canceled the invitation of controversial right-wing commentator and activist Candace Owens on her podcast after accusing her of "inciting hatred" through her comments on trans people.

The drama unfolded on Twitter, where Owens — known for her pro-Trump activism and criticism of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement and the Democratic Party — posted a screenshot with a text from Jamil's rep confirming that she had been uninvited.

"Sorry. We have trans people working with us. I can't have Candace on the podcast anymore," the text read. "You are both free to say whatever you like about this publicly. I'm sure you will have an entertaining spin. But nothing is worth my friends and coworkers feeling unsafe. J."

Owens had mocked the cancelation, writing, "Sad to announce that Jameela Jamil has revoked my invitation on her podcast because I tweeted 'only women can give birth.' Apparently the statement made her trans co-workers feel 'unsafe.' My refusal to untether myself from biological realities has cost me, yet again. Sad."

She was referring to an argument she had had with Jamil the day after she shared an article with a headline that read, "Transgender man gives birth to non-binary partner's baby with female sperm donor."

The activist had responded with, "Woman gives birth to partner’s baby with male sperm donor. There. I fixed it for you," causing Jamil to hit back in a now-deleted tweet where she accused Owens of "bullying."

"Or... Nice to see a young couple in love, have a happy little baby," Jamil had written. "Their gender is none of my business, worrying about it and mocking them is a pointless waste of time, (it’s just bullying) and they are hurting nobody. I wish them well. There I fixed it for you."

Owens didn't take the clap back lying down, tweeting, "LOL 'only women can get pregnant and only men can impregnate them' is now considered a form of bullying. @jameelajamil -- keep us posted when 2+2=4 becomes a form of bullying as well."

The back-and-forth didn't end there, with Jamil posting, "Your obsession with other people’s genders, is a sign you are unhappy in your own life, and need a target to point your fear and rage at. So you pick on innocent people just getting on with their lives. Just mind your fucking business and clean up your own mess."

Jamil also answered another user who questioned the cancelation and asked if Owens suggesting "only women can give birth" is wrong, then "does that mean my biology degree is a degree in bigotry?"

"She used her 2 million strong platform to belittle an innocent young trans couple having a baby," Jamil wrote. "Inciting mocking and hatred. So she can’t come on my podcast. I’m down to talk to those with opposing views, but willful bullies are not welcome on my platform. Not sorry."

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