Candace Owens trolled for calling Megan Rapinoe 'piece of trash': 'What have you done?'

Conservative author Candace Owens criticized socccer star Megan Rapinoe, calling her an 'anti-American' who 'disrespects the flag'

                            Candace Owens trolled for calling Megan Rapinoe 'piece of trash': 'What have you done?'
Candace Owens is trolled for calling Megan Rapinoe 'piece of trash' (Jason Kempin/Getty Images, Francois Nel/Getty Images)

Candace Owens has a bone to pick with American soccer star Megan Rapinoe. The conservative author called Rapinoe an "anti-American piece of trash who does not represent" the US, which has left social media users slamming her, once again, for her anti-liberal sentiments. Outraged tweets are reminding Owens of all the awards and accolades won by Rapinoe, asking the far-right commentator "what have you done?," comparing the two public figures.

The backlash against Owens follows just a week after the hashtag 'GoCandace' trended on Twitter in favour of her remarks about liberals turning US into an anti-racist country. A while ago, Owens, who is usually in and out of the news regarding her pro-conservative beliefs and remarks, had made headlines as rumours of her dating Kanye West emerged. But this Twitter backlash comes a solid month after the last time Owens was under the Internet's fire for calling Juneteenth a 'meaningless' holiday. This time, however, Owens seems to have picked a fight with a unanimously celebrated sport star and she might not be ready for the immense backlash.


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Quinn #5 of Team Canada is challenged by Megan Rapinoe #15 of Team United States during the Women's Semi-Final match between USA and Canada on day ten of the Tokyo Olympic Games at Kashima Stadium on August 02, 2021 in Kashima, Ibaraki, Japan. (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)


It all began after the Olympic women's soccer finals where Canada beat Team USA at the semifinals to increase their hopes of a gold medal in the upcoming finals against Sweden. After the US team lost, their official Twitter account shared a photo of opposing team members hugging each other, with the caption: "Heartbreaking but hard-fought. Good luck to Canada in the final."

Owens took offense to that and decided to retweet the post, adding her two-cents, where she claimed the results were "Not heartbreaking at all." Tagging Rapinoe's Twitter handle, Owens then continued: "@mPinoe is an anti-American piece of trash who does not represent our country, anywhere, ever. Any person who disrespects the the flag that sons and daughters are sent home beneath while fighting for our freedoms overseas, deserves to lose. Repeatedly."



Fans of the US women's soccer team and of Rapinoe were livid and they didn't hold back as they criticized Owens for her tweet. At first, confused fans asked, "Candace rooting for the US to lose and cheering their loss is considered patriotic to her?" Another confronted Owens under her own tweet, writing: "Oh god. She won two world cups and a Olympic gold medal for your country. What have you done?" Others were not as polite with their criticism, as one user tweeted: "You don't believe anything you say. You are an empty shell of soundbites and catchphrases. But none of that can fill the hole in your soul. you are nothing except your hate No matter how much u tear others down it never fills that hole. That yawning maw that yearns 4 love." 

Others argued Owens was among the "Blacks and latinos groveling for acceptance from a party that despises them. Sad." And some decided to remind Owens of the Capitol siege from January 6, dubbing the act disrespectful too. "The mob of insurrectionists that broke into the Capitol on January 6th and used the American flag as a battering ram and a weapon against the police protecting the Capitol didn't respect our flag. The difference is, they also didn't respect our country. These athletes do," claimed the user.







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