'Go Candace' trends as Candace Owens slams liberals for turning US into 'racist' country

'It’s becoming increasingly more bizarre. You could identify this as the bigotry of low expectations,' Candace Owens said

                            'Go Candace' trends as Candace Owens slams liberals for turning US into 'racist' country
Candace Owens is seen on set of 'Candace' in Nashville, Tennessee (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Candace Owens has attacked liberal leaders for allegedly turning America into a 'racist' country. In an interview with Mark Steyn for Fox News, the conservative author slammed woke culture once again for their approach to secondary education.

Owens' criticism comes after a BLM offshoot group called Dallas Justice Now wrote an 'Open Letter to Wealthy White Liberals of HPISD' wherein they demand White parents to not enroll their kids in Ivy League schools. Slamming the group's claims on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight', Owens called their entire viewpoint not just "bizarre", but also dubbed it a "bigotry of low expectations," - a comment that social media has since been applauding with gusto. 


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“It’s becoming increasingly more bizarre. You could identify this as the bigotry of low expectations. They’re saying that Black Americans aren’t smart enough to get into these schools by their own merit," Owens said during her appearance on Fox News, although she did agree racial bias exists and that Black and brown students are more likely to get a spot taken away by someone White than the other way round. That said, she continued: “But here’s what’s interesting – it’s worse than the bigotry of low expectations. It’s the bigotry of no expectations.”

Owens alluded that this motion would mean lesser schools populated by White and Asian American students, while Ivy League institutions would have only Black and brown students — completely disbanding the American education system. “America, with liberals and progressives at the helm of it, is certainly becoming an increasingly more systematically racist country. That’s what they want. That’s what they’re asking for,” Owens remarked, adding: "[They] want people to focus on skin color and make sure people are segregated according to their skin color,” she said. “They want every action in this country to be informed by the color of people’s skin.”

Owens, who also called former Democrat Rep Beto O’Rourke a “political masochist”, labeled the notion of “white privilege" racist. “Do you know what I hear when a White person looks at me and says, ‘I have white privilege because I’m White?' That’s racist. You’re saying to me, Candace, you’re a Black girl, so you don’t understand. I’m better than you in this society. That’s the very definition of racism," she said, adding: "And that’s exactly what wokeism is. It’s not even a close cousin to racism. It is it, by a different name.”

Candace Owens is seen on the set of 'Candace' on May 24, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

Twitter users, who are quick to rip the conservative commentator every time she makes one of these explosive claims, were drowned by the heaps of supporters who used the hashtag #GoCandace to side with her on this issue. "@RealCandaceO is always on point. Today her commentary with @MarkSteynOnline (in for @TuckerCarlson) on Ivy League Schools, brings honest and practical thought to situations. #GoCandace," tweeted one user. 

Tweeting to the Dallas Justice News's official Twitter account, one user asked: "Are you a bunch of white Gen Z? I’m trying to understand who else could say something as dumb as whites should not enroll their kids in Ivy League schools… Come on man - Candace Owens and every right wing host is now painting all Democrats with this kind of stupid," Others applauded her, tweeting "Candace is a real one".