'Meet me in the break room': Candace Owens challenges Matt Walsh to Dasani water TASTE TEST

'Meet me in the break room': Candace Owens challenges Matt Walsh to Dasani water TASTE TEST
Candace Owens (L) challenged Matt Walsh (R) to a blind bottled water challenge (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Right-wing firebrand Candace Owens challenged fellow conservative pundit Matt Walsh to a blind bottled water challenge saying she could distinguish Dasani water from others.

Dasani water is arguably the most unpopular bottled water of all time. It is so unpopular that it became a meme and even the subject of an SNL sketch. People joked amid the Covid pandemic how shelves were full of Dasani water while competing brands in the vicinity were completely sold out. Walsh, 35, of The Daily Wire, noticed his colleague Owens, 32, criticizing the taste of Dasani water, and responded by declaring that "all bottled water tastes exactly the same." This sparked a casual Twitter war between the two that culminated in a blind bottled water challenge for $100.


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"One thing I would like to understand is why Dasani water tastes so disgusting," Owens wrote on Saturday, March 19. "How is it possible to make water taste this bad? Someone out there knows the answer." Walsh quipped in response, "The anti-Dasani propaganda in this tweet and the comments is outrageous. All bottled water tastes exactly the same. And there is no difference between bottled water and tap water. It’s all indistinguishable."



"Wow. The lack of education in this tweet is astounding," Owens alleged. "Imagine believing there is no qualitative difference between Dasani water & Evian or Voss. There’s a lot I could say here but we are colleagues so I am going to take the high road and tag @michaeljknowles to take my side." Walsh accepted the challenge and wrote, "I’ll bet you 100 dollars that you can’t identify Dasani in a blind taste test. Meet me in the break room next week. I’ll bring the bottles. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The world is watching."



"I accept this challenge. And I welcome a film crew," Owens responded. "Millions of people are suffering through the taste of Dasani and you think it’s some sort of game," she added.



She later realized Dasani water had begun trending. "Dasani water is now trending, revealing that the issue of its despicable taste has affected millions of households worldwide," Owens joked. "We the people demand an answer from @dasaniwater corporate. Why does your water taste so awful?"



That said, Twitterati seemed to be largely agreeing with Owens. "Drinking Dasani in front of me is the fastest way to lose my respect," one tweeted.

"Imagine telling someone you need water and they bring you back a bottle of Dasani," another wrote.

"Dasani tastes like water steeped in your car/house keys with a pinch of salt," a comment read.

"She's right.... I've always noticed a difference in Dasani water and never drink it because of the disgusting taste," someone else agreed.

"Matt, you are dead wrong. I dislike all bottled water but Dasani is especially terrible. Candace-1, Sweet Daddy-0," another chimed in, declaring Owens as the winner of the debate.










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