Candace Owens slammed for calling Joe Biden MASS MURDERER after sharing 'incorrect' story

'Did you read?' trolls the net, slamming Candice Owens after she alleged that the Biden admin 'wants people to die' and retweeted false Ivermectin claim

                            Candace Owens slammed for calling Joe Biden MASS MURDERER after sharing 'incorrect' story
Candace Owens on the set of 'Candace' on September 13, 2021, in Nashville, Tennessee (Jason Davis/Getty Images)

Reuters news found itself at the center of a major battle between conservatives and liberals on January 31, 2022. The news agency accidentally published a story indicating that Ivermectin was effective against Covid in clinical trials, before correcting itself to say that it was only effective in research studies. Before the correction could be posted though, it spread like wildfire all over social media, with many like Candace Owens using it to slam the Biden administration's refusal to consider Ivermectin as a solution to the pandemic.

The horse dewormer has become a particular favorite for anti-vaxxers who believe it works better than approved vaccines. Georgia police officer Joe Manning and QAnon supporter Veronica Wolski were just two of the many Americans who pushed for Ivermectin but ended up dying from Covid. In Maine, physician Meryl Nass was sent for a neuropsychological evaluation in January 2022 after prescribing Ivermectin. 


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As most competent medical experts have noted, Ivermectin is a dewormer designed for animals like horses, not humans. The medicine does not fight Covid which is a virus. Nonetheless, vocal anti-vaxxers have championed its cause and briefly found themselves vindicated by Reuters. 

Reuters error causes controversy

On January 31, Reuters published a story with the headline "Ivermectin shows ‘antiviral effect’ against COVID, Japanese company says." The story went on to claim that Japanese pharma giant Kowa Co found the medicine to be effective in Phase III clinical trials, which are usually conducted on humans. Hours later, it was forced to issue a correction confirming that the results had been obtained in a non-clinical setting. 

That difference is the key. Non-clinical studies are conducted in vitro, i.e., in test tubes and not on human subjects. In fact, past studies have shown that Ivermectin is effective against Covid in vitro, but not when tested on humans. Journalist Arieh Kovler summed up the difference tweeting, "Kowa devoted most of their press release to the still-ongoing Phase III human trial they're doing, so a careless reader can confuse what they were claiming. Like Reuters did."



Syndicating the Reuters story, several other publications, including The Jerusalem Post, went on to propagate that same claim before being forced to correct it. However, it appears that Candice Owens didn't wait for the correction or even tweet about it. Instead, she retweeted The Post's story, adding, "Joe Biden’s administration is guilty of mass murder against the American population. There really is no other way to say this. We have known ivermectin works, and the FDA has blocked it. We know monoclonal antibodies work and the FDA has blocked it. They want people to die."



'If anybody is killing people it's you'

Owens hasn't taken the post down nor has she corrected her stance which has infuriated numerous people online. It led to the widespread bashing of her on Twitter, with reactions like, "I feel like you’re ignoring this bit" and "No dear. Reuters misinterpreted the press release re/ Ivermectin. Just Petri dish data that changes nothing." One user responded, '"Are people really using in-vitro, non clinical studies that haven’t been peer-reviewed as a “gotcha!” moment?"





"Nobody knows Ivermectin works. The jury is still out. But vaccines do work. There's evidence. Monoclonal antibodies do not work against Omicron. If anybody is killing people it's you,' one user slammed. Another trolled, "Embarrassing for you that the headline was a mistake and was corrected by Reuters like 12 hours ago." One user commented, "I usually like your tweets, but it seems you are loosing it. Sometimes going too far indicates that one might suffer from paranoia. Too bad, hope this is not the case."





Clinical trials were conducted in the past to see if Ivermectin works on humans, but found the medicine made no difference. There's no known way to prevent Covid, but all the currently approved vaccines have drastically reduced hospitalizations and deaths. If you still have doubts about the vaccine, do refer to the CDC website or talk to a doctor near you today. 

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