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Dr Meryl Nass: Anti-vaxxer doc sent for psychiatric evaluation for prescribing Ivermectin

Physician spreads misinformation about Covid-19 and prescribes Ivermectin to patients, leading to a temporary suspension of her license
(Photo 1 by Joe Raedle/Getty Images, Photo 2 from Meryl Nass/Blog)
(Photo 1 by Joe Raedle/Getty Images, Photo 2 from Meryl Nass/Blog)

Physician Meryl Nass, an internist in Ellsworth, was accused of spreading false Covid-19 information. The Maine Board of Licensure ordered the immediate suspension of Nass's license for 30 days. Nass was also ordered to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation by a board-selected psychologist.

According to the suspension order issued by the Board of Licensure in Medicine for the State of Maine, Nass will be unable to practice medicine for 30 days pending further board action at a hearing which will be scheduled shortly.


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The order stated, "The Board concludes that the continued ability of Dr. Nass to practice as a physician in the State of Maine constitutes an immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public who might receive her medical services, and that it is necessary to immediately suspend her ability to practice medicine in order to adequately respond to this risk." Nass, who has been practicing internal medicine in Ellsworth since 1997, has actively tweeted against the vaccine programs and the government. She has also used her blog to spread misinformation leading to multiple complaints.



Nass has also been treating her Covid-stricken patients with Ivermectin, which is an anti-parasite drug used predominantly on animals. The seventy-year-old physician admitted in a virtual meeting with the investigators that she lied to a pharmacist to obtain hydroxychloroquine for a Covid patient.

Nass, who is affiliated with the anti-vaccine group Children's Health Defense, said she would not comply with any mask or vaccine mandates and alleged that the government was vaccinating children without parental consent. The suspension order mentioned that Nass claimed the vaccine effort was "nefarious" and connected it to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, also calling the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is "a criminal agency." Nass claimed that "there may be things in these vaccines that the government wants to inject in us."

Nass is not the first doctor in the state suspended for spreading misinformation about Covid. In December 2021, Paul Gosselin, an osteopathic doctor's license was also suspended until a scheduled hearing takes place.