Candace Owens claims hospital 'mafia' held her and newborn 'hostage' and threatened to call child services

Candace Owens claims hospital 'mafia' held her and newborn 'hostage' and threatened to call child services
Candace Owns claims a Tennessee hospital didn't allow her to leave the hospital without undergoing a blood test (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

TENNESSEE, NASHVILLE: Conservative analyst Candace Owens recently alleged that staff in a Tennessee hospital attempted to hold her and her newborn daughter "hostage" after she gave birth earlier, stating that she was not allowed to leave until they drew blood from the child, who was in perfect health. The 32-year-old blasted Saint Thomas Hospital staff in Nashville as she described her second child Louise's birth on July 13 as "24 hours of torture," and she lashed out at the staff there, reported The Daily Mail.

Owens claimed that the alleged mistreatment began as soon as she refused to take antibiotics and medications to induce labor. She added that it culminated in staffers threatening to call child services on her. She married George Farmer, a British Oxford graduate in 2019.


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She also claimed that staff members were intentionally keeping her longer than 48 hours to prevent her stay from being covered by insurance in an effort to drain her bank account. A hospital pediatrician allegedly approached Owens and her husband as they attempted to leave after she refused, sneeringly informing them that "she watched a baby die in the 47th hour because her parents refused to stay." Despite the workers' false claims that her insurance would probably not cover the visit if she disobeyed medical advice and left, the two ignored the staff member, according to Owens. 

Owens said that a social worker working for the hospital asked the couple to sign a document acknowledging they were aware that DCS could visit them if they left against a doctor's orders. When the couple said they didn't care, the social worker asked them to sign another document. The mother of two claimed she and her husband "just wanted to sleep" and were so desperate to get away.

Owens, whose first child was born in January 2021, began her resentful account on Saturday, September 10, by recalling how, when going into labor for the second time in July, she turned down both antibiotics and the contraction-inducing medication Pitocin.

(Photo: @realcandaceowens/Instagram)
(Photo: @realcandaceowens/Instagram)

She added that there had never been a problem with either of her pregnancies, and stated, "I had been very vocal about not wanting to be loaded up with unnecessary drugs during labor. The doctor wanted me to take antibiotics, and I declined. Because I declined, they wanted me to stay in the hospital for 48 hours - and big coincidence, that's the maximum amount that insurance will cover."

Even after Owens successfully delivered a 7-pound, 3-ounce bundle of joy, several staff members reportedly leveled a number of arguments and potential repressions against the couple due to that "incentive," according to Owens.

Owens recalled how the head nurse at the hospital had warned her that she would be charged with a misdemeanor if she left the facility before. Then, according to Owens, the real torture started. She described how the "hospital mafia" harassed her in her room as she and the baby tried to get some rest, repeatedly knocking on the door and performing "check-ins" through the night. 

In one such check-in, she was asleep when a staff member barged into her room at 4 am and 'unclothed' her infant in order to "weigh her naked on a cold scale." Owens chastised, saying, "That's what they do," and that she had "wanted to leave after 24 hours," but had been told, "You can't leave until you take this test, until you get the antibiotics." She continued, "As a result, when we asked to leave after 24 hours of torture in the form of relentless knocks - the hospital mafia descended."

"The repeated claims made by the doctors and nurses that they know what is best for our children, as well as their subliminal threats, 'that insurance might not cover stay if you leave against medical advice and that they how can also send CPS to your house,' are unconstitutional, if not criminal," according to Owens.

She said, "All can be done in a pediatrician's office – they just want money. Guaranteed dollars – hearing test, blood test, getting temperature taken – when you get your bill that’s why. In the post-Covid era, parents are concerned about how much control we have given to the state," said Owens, who was criticised in 2021 for remarks mocking the pandemic. 

She said, "These are the discussions we need to have – the burden will be on the children. People shouldn't have to be scared CPS will take their newborn kids away. It's a peer pressure campaign. You're no longer able to make a decision about your child, about yourself. If this can happen in Tennessee, it can happen anywhere. We have more big pharma lobbyists in DC than we have elected Congressmen."

On Monday, September 12, the mother of two will debut a new DailyWire+ podcast 'Candace'. The show will focus on deep dives, investigations, and exposes. She said she will discuss her full story in the new episode.

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