Candace Owens stuns Internet by bizarrely linking Eliza Fletcher's murder to trans community

Candace Owens stuns Internet by bizarrely linking Eliza Fletcher's murder to trans community
Eliza Fletcher's murder has been linked to trans people by Candace Owens (lizawfletcher, candaceowwens/instagram)

MEMPHIS, TEXAS: Conservative influencer and media personality Candace Owens tried to link the acceptance of transgender people into society to the kidnapping and murder of Eliza Fletcher in Memphis, on a segement on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' on Thursday, September 8.

Owens said that the overly compassionate policymakers and mental illness in the form of transgender acceptance were to blame for Fletcher’s kidnapping and murder. "And this is, by the way, the product of what we are seeing when we celebrate -- in our culture -- mental illness,” she said.


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Owens, an anti-vaxxer contributed her opinion on the Memphis case on Tucker Carlson Tonight (Fox News Live)
Candace Owens claimed that Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped and killed due to trans people (Screenshot Fox News Live)

According to The Daily Beast, she said, "Convince us we should feel compassion towards criminals and yet feel that the real criminals are the patriots," adding, "But it’s also the perverse elements that are encouraging mental illness like telling men they can be women, telling women they can be men if they just mutilate their bodies. Mental illness in our society is abundant, and what we are seeing right now is we are in the late stage of a cultural disease.”

Carlson, who has been staunchly opposing the trans community, responded by saying, “That’s such a smart point. The rise of mental illness is inextricably tied to this.”

This is not the first time Owens has attacked the trans community. Earlier, she had gone on a bizarre tirade against USA Today's inclusion of President Joe Biden's transgender Assistant Health Secretary Dr Rachel Levine among its nominees for 2022 Women of the Year.  The inclusion of Levine on the list sparked outrage from critics including Owens. The right-wing pundit railed against the magazine for featuring Levine, who is the nation's first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the Senate. Owens also called on female leaders from across the political aisle -- including Hillary Clinton -- to support her pursuit of women's rights.

"Whats a woman? I'm confused. I don't know what a woman is anymore. It is funny and pointedly ridiculous. It gets back to what I always say about progressives which is that they're always so progressive that they actually just regressive, right?" Owens had reportedly said.    

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