'Jeopardy!' Masters may have a new winner if Hannah Wilson continues her winning streak

'Jeopardy!' Masters may have a new winner if Hannah Wilson continues her winning streak
Hannah Wilson in 'Jeopardy' (YouTube/Jeopardy)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: When Hannah Wilson first appeared on 'Jeopardy!', her goal was to just win a game and take some money home. But now she is competing with the best in the business and has mastered an eight-game winning streak amassing $229,801. A data scientist by profession, Hannah’s knowledge and trivia skills are second to none. She is the current ‘Jeopardy!’ champion who now has her eyes set on winning the big prize of $500,000 at the ongoing ‘Jeopardy!’ Masters tournament. The road to victory is tougher than expected but Hannah has laid a solid foundation to go all the way.


Hannah is pitted against Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, Mattea Roach, Sam Buttrey, James Holzhaeur, and Andrew He in the Masters' tournament. Every one of them is a ‘Jeopardy!’ specialist in their own right, especially James who holds the record for the second-best earner of the show. During the May 12 episode of the show, Hannah annihilated her competition to set the stage for her eighth consecutive win.


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The crucial eighth win

Hannah was up against independent bookstore owner Victoria Ford and editorial and community associate Skyler Gailing during the May 12 episode of the game show. The data scientist entered with a seven-day total of $189,801 and took an early lead into the first break with $6,200. She went on to further accumulate a total of $40,000 at the end of the game, taking her total winnings to $229,801. After winning the game, Hannah was ecstatic. 


“It feels unreal,” Hannah said of her eight-game streak. “I can’t believe you are talking about me and not a different Hannah Wilson.” She stated Amy Schneider was her inspiration to enter ‘Jeopardy!’ and believes that Amy to date continues to inspire her. “She was like this amazing champion and she showed that you know, she could just be out there. That was really important to me.” But the challenge is not yet over for Hannah. 


Challenge against undefeated Ben Chan

After completing her winning streak of eight games, Hannah is set to contest the undefeated Ben Chan in the May 15 episode. Ben is a philosophy professor who did not return to compete because of Covid but now having fully recovered, the undefeated challenger will pose a big threat for a jovial Hannah on a winning streak. If all goes well, Hannah will find renewed confidence to take on the big contestants of ‘Jeopardy!’ Masters.

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 Can Hannah Wilson win the ‘Jeopardy!’ Masters after her 8th consecutive victory?