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Why was Alex Cooper kicked out of Ruschmeyer’s? 'Call me daddy' host says 'I felt slighted'

Alex Cooper had paid a bouncer to get into the line at the bar and later got kicked out
Alex Cooper was kicked out of a bar (Instagram)
Alex Cooper was kicked out of a bar (Instagram)

'Call Her Daddy' podcaster and social media influencer Alex Cooper’s $60 million deal with Spotify was clearly not enough to impress the bouncers in Hamptons. The sex-positive show’s host states that she and some of her friends were kicked out of Ruschmeyer's bar this weekend for not having wristbands.

"I got kicked out of the bar," Cooper said on the most recent episode of her show 'Call Me Daddy' pointing out at the latest incident in which Cooper was thrown out of Ruschmeyer’s. "I am f**king pissed about it." "When I say sardines, there are literally bodies of people checked up against windows. There is such a long line," Cooper said of the crowd over the holiday weekend, adding that they paid a bouncer to get them in. Cooper added that as her friends were debating whether to try and muscle their way through the packed club to the VIP tables, a bouncer asked to see their wristbands, which they should have been given at the door. When he found out that they were not having it, the bouncer gave them the boot. "People are staring at us," she said, adding, "In this moment I felt slighted, I felt wronged … There are six of us, standing in the pouring rain with no f**king dignity left and no wristbands."


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She said that she met a Ruschmeyer’s owner later in the weekend and resolved the matter. “The Ruschmeyer’s guy was so nice; such a nice dude,” she said. “Overall, great vibes,” Cooper says that he even asked if she wanted to coordinate an event together. “See things can turn around if you just believe and you get a little liquid courage.”

As soon as the news came to light, people started talking about it on social media. One person tweeted, "Um, this is called karma and I have no idea why anyone’s making her out to be a victim. Maybe don’t try and pay off people to further your privilege." While another one said, "Paid a bouncer to cut the line and then felt “slighted” and “wronged” when kick-out for not having wrist bands. Hmm"



'Call Her Daddy' is an advice and comedy podcast founded by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. The podcast that started in 2018 is partially owned and distributed by Barstool Sports. In 2020 Cooper and Franklyn were engaged in a publicized dispute with Barstool founder David Portnoy, after which Franklyn left. Cooper reached an agreement with Barstool and continued hosting the show on her own. In June 2021 it was announced that Cooper signed an exclusive deal with Spotify worth $60 million.