#CallHerDaddy fans stan Alex Cooper's vlog, claim 'snake' Sofia Franklyn will 'let a penis ruin her career'

When co-host of the podcast, Alex Cooper, released a 30-minute vlog about the entire drama between her and Sofia Franklyn, fans had something to say

                            #CallHerDaddy fans stan Alex Cooper's vlog, claim 'snake' Sofia Franklyn will 'let a penis ruin her career'
Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn (Getty Images)

What started off as two roommates talking about men, sex, and dating in their 20s has now turned into a war with their fans writing TikTok songs about the drama. Of course, the issue here is 'Call Her Daddy' podcast hosts Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, who went from claiming that Barstool Sports was holding them captive under their contract to Franklyn now claiming Cooper went behind her back and accepted more than 50/50 control of the podcast. Fans had to pick sides and clearly they believe in Cooper more than Franklyn, who they claim is "letting a penis ruin her career."

The main issue here happens to be 'The Suitman', a moniker given by the podcast to 38-year-old HBO Sport exec Peter Nelson, whom Franklyn is dating. Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has revealed in an episode of the podcast that Nelson was secretly shopping around 'Call Her Daddy' while Cooper and Franklyn were still under their contract with Barstool Sports. This prompted him to offer the two hosts a $500,000 annual salary along with bonuses and six months off from their three-year contract so they could leave sooner. Cooper apparently accepted but claimed Franklyn would never do that because of Nelson. Meanwhile, Franklyn took to Instagram to announce she is cool with Barstool Sports, but doesn't approve of Cooper going behind her back and seeking more than what she's earned. 

The latest update on this front is a change in the bio of the official Instagram account for the podcast, which now reads hosted by just Cooper and propagates the hashtag 'Cancel the Suitman.' It looks like cooper might have had the last word on the drama as fans are pouring in with support for her, pretty much stunning her overnight, and the usual hate being directed at Franklyn's way. Actually, it's not just fans. Social media pretty much just found out about the drama, and as this user posted on Twitter: "Do I listen to Call Her Daddy? No. Did I just watch a half hour YouTube video and declare my allegiance to Alex Cooper? Yes."


They are of course referring to Cooper recent's video expressing her side of the story, and the part that touched people the most seems to be, as noted by a user, "'I didn’t have a boyfriend make my decisions, I didn’t have an agency make my decisions, I had to make a decision for myself.' And that #daddygang is our number one founding father, Alex Cooper." Others poured in with support for Cooper, also giving their due nod to Barstool Sports for being so entertaining, as a user shared: "I just paused the movie I was watching to watch the entire 34-minute explanation from Alex Cooper about Call Her Daddy, a podcast I have never even listened to. This is why @barstoolsports will never be topped. (Team Alex by the way. F**k Suitman.)"

At the end of the drama, the edits in the bio, and Cooper's self-explanatory video, fans seem to have arrived at a conclusion. "I have learned two significant things from Alex Cooper’s video that I already knew and they are: 1. Alex is the brains of the operation 2. Sofia is gonna let a penis ruin her career," shared one. Another also noted the disparity in Franklyn's statement from that of Cooper or Portnoy's noting: "Dave Portnoy: 'This is what happened week by week with facts'. Alex Cooper: 'This is what happened week by week with facts' (story matches up identically to Portnoy's) Sofia Franklyn: 'omg guys I feel so betrayed how could you fo this to me' Pretty damn clear to see who's the snake."

Things got emotional when the topic of their breached friendship arose. A fan shared: "Queen Alex Cooper deada** said in her vlog about how much it sucks losing a friend but MADE sure to emphasize how much more it hurts to 'lose a friend to a boyfriend' and I DEADA** teared up.." But for the most part, the entire fandom is pretty much Team Alex, simply because of what they have labeled as the "biggest flex of 2020," done all by her. "ALEX COOPER SAID “I’LL SEE YOU F*CKERS ON WEDNESDAY” AND TOOK SOFIA OUT OF THE TWITTER AND IG BIOS DADDY GANG WE RISE!!!" shared a fan, presumably screaming, in all caps.

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