Alexandra Cooper to host 'Call Her Daddy' sans Sofia Franklyn, fans say she has always been 'a better father'

'The single father @alexandracooper killed the newest episode of Call Her Daddy... an absolute badass,' said a fan

                            Alexandra Cooper to host 'Call Her Daddy' sans Sofia Franklyn, fans say she has always been 'a better father'
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'Call Her Daddy', one of Apple's most famous podcasts, will never be the same. Then best friends, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn started the show in 2018 and the girls discussed sex and dating on it. The podcast was then acquired by Barstool Sports and it became an immediate success. The show disappeared off the block after the April 8 episode with no explanation but Cooper returned on Wednesday to host the show solo to explain things, including her co-host Franklyn's absence.

On May 27, Cooper returned to host the show solo and in the episode titled 'Funeral', she tried breaking down the furious rift that emerged between the former friends and hosts. In the episode, Cooper claimed that though she and Franklyn were partners, the former put in all the work. "Sofia's 50-50 was about money. Not labor," she said. Cooper also revealed that when their contracts were being reworked at Barstool Sports, Franklyn focused on earning a fatter paycheck. Cooper said, "Sofia's asks were all more, more, more and I was doing the work, work, work". She added, "If somebody was supposed to be pressing for money, if somebody was going to do the brigade and push for more money, I think it should be me, the one who does more of the work".

Cooper also had some unpleasant revelations about Franklyn's boyfriend Peter Nelson, claiming he was exploiting the podcast for personal gains. Cooper referred to him as "men with these big-ass names… trying to come in and finesse their way into Call Her F - - king Daddy" before adding, "Go F**k yourself". Cooper revealed that both Franklyn and Nelson even tried to get Scooter Braun involved in this mess. Braun made a call to Barstool Sports in an attempt to gain 50% ownership of the show. She later sent out a strong message saying, "I want to be very clear to every single man in the industry that wants to try and come and take a piece of the Daddy Gang .. suck my f--king d--k. We are not for sale, you can't just call and say 'yeah, we're ready to take 50 percent of the Daddy Gang'."

But in spite of the feud, she urged her fans to not subject Franklyn to any abuse online. "Guys, Daddy Gang, please listen. That is not okay, at all. Ever. I don't support cancel culture, none of us should. We don't need to agree with Sofia and her decisions, but we absolutely don't need to be bullying her. There's no excuse for that."

After the episode aired, a lot of fans got on to Twitter to laud Cooper for her decision. A fan tweeted, "@alexandracooper you are an absolute legend & it shows ♡ rooting for you all the way baby".

"THE single father @alexandracooper killed the newest episode of Call Her Daddy... an absolute badass #callherdaddy," tweeted one while another tweeted, "@alexandracooper is literally a queen! She did what she needed to do and we love her for it! QUEEN SHIT WE LOVE YOU"

One tweet read, "@alexandracooper has always been the better father. #SingleFather"

Who is Alexandra Cooper

Born and raised in Newtown, Pennsylvania, she stayed there before moving to Boston to pursue graduation at Boston University.  She later moved to New York to pursue her dreams after her graduation. She dated professional baseball player Noah Syndergaard between 2017-18 on and off before going their separate ways. Apart from being a podcaster, she also has a highly successful YouTube channel with 105k subscribers. Cooper is also an Instagram model and has 1.2M people following her on the platform. According to Fully Net Worth, she's worth an impressive $800,000 and if the popularity of her podcast continues to grow she will be a part of the million-dollar league in a few years.

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