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PRIMATE SUSPECT: Cops shocked after catching MONKEY behind 911 call from California zoo

A Capuchin monkey named Route from 'Zoo to You' apparently put in the correct sequence of numbers and called 911
UPDATED AUG 17, 2022
Route, a Capuchin monkey, called 911 from a California zoo (San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)
Route, a Capuchin monkey, called 911 from a California zoo (San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA: A 911 caller from a zoo in California turned out to be 'a primate suspect' in a bizarre case. After the 911 call got disconnected, dispatchers tried to call and text back but there was no response, so deputies from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office were sent to to see whether any sort of help was needed. When they got to the headquarters of Zoo to You, which is near Paso Robles, they got to know that no one had placed the call.

The suspected emergency phone caller was eventually identified as Route, a Capuchin monkey from the zoo. In a Facebook post, the sheriff's office wrote, "Our Deputies have seen their fair share of 'monkey business' in the County. But nothing quite like this."


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The phone, which was in the golf buggy, is used by the zoo to get around the 40-acre property. It seemed as though Route had scooped it up and made the call. The sheriff's office continued on Facebook, "We're told Capuchin monkeys are very inquisitive and will grab anything and everything and just start pushing buttons." It appears that the monkey had accidentally pressed the correct sequence of digits to dial 911. 
"Was someone trying to make us look like a monkey's uncle?" The social media post further said. "Route is a little embarrassed by the whole thing. But you can't really blame her, after all monkey see, monkey do."


This incident grabbed the attention of social media users, with followers calling the monkey "adorable" and "cute". A user on Facebook commented, "That's the cutest thing! I wish she would have called me." A second said, "This is amazing... I wish we had more news like this haha!" A user thanked the 911 emergency officers for responding in time. "Thank you and all the first responders for being there when the call goes out. The next call is just as important as the last. Thanks again be safe this summer," said the user. 

A few other people on Facebook made humorous remarks about what could have persuaded Route to make the call. "He overheard that some Monkeypox was in the area…. He thought it might be a friend….?" said a user. "I bet Route was at the top of the gossip on the Ape Vine," a second commented. "Was he trying order some bananas on Uber Eats?" a third wrote.