Man describes 'traumatic call' from wife who hid in Louisville bank vault during Connor Sturgeon massacre

Man describes 'traumatic call' from wife who hid in Louisville bank vault during Connor Sturgeon massacre
Caleb Goodlett rushed to the location after getting a shocking phone call from his wife (WLKY/ YouTube Screenshot)

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY:  Caleb Goodlett, whose wife was hiding in a vault when distraught Connor Sturgeon opened fire with an assault rifle at the Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday, April 10, 2023, has described the "traumatic phone call" he received from her. Goodlett said that he received a panicked call from his wife, who was locked inside the vault and begged him to call 911.

Sturgeon, 25, a former employee of the Old National Bank, stormed the building carrying an assault rifle and started shooting during a morning meeting, killing five people and injuring eight more. The killed are Thomas Elliott, 63, Joshua Barrick, 40, Juliana Farmer, 45, James Tutt, 64, and Deana Eckert, 57. He was slain after a gunfight with the cops and died a the scene.


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'I got a call from my wife panicking'

Goodlett learned that they were already aware of the shooting incident and were heading to the area as he dialed 911. Goodlett also rushed to the scene. According to the reports, he stated that the cops showed up just three minutes after Sturgeon barged in. 


"I got a call from my wife panicking, that she was locked in the vault, that there was an active shooter in the building and to call 911," he told WLKY. "By the time I called 911, they were already aware of it," he said before adding, "I was approaching the scene right as the first officers were approaching the scene, no time wasted, they tried to breach the building first."

Goodlett also added that "They attempted to breach the building and were unsuccessful at the first attempt, they backed off, pushed us back, and we got people out of their cars in the middle of the street. And then we saw another round go back into the building, we heard multiple shots, and then everything got quiet. That's when an ambulance started arriving, fire, and so on and so forth."


'Very quiet...Soft-spoken'

Meanwhile, neighbors and friends described the shooter as a quiet and soft-spoken person. Kera Allgeier, who lived next door to him in Louisville, even went as far as to say she "can't say nothing really bad about the guy," whom she described as "very quiet" and "soft-spoken." "They invited us over a couple of times for cookouts during the summer, you know, very friendly,' she said of Sturgeon and his housemate. 'I just don't understand."

Prior to enrolling at the Manderson Graduate School of Business at the same university, the 25-year-old student first attended the University of Alabama. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been employed at Old National Bank as a Syndications Associate and Portfolio Banker since July of last year. The shooter had previously been referred to as intelligent, popular, and a great athlete in high school track, football, and basketball by a former buddy and teammate of Sturgeon from high school.


'Just a very traumatic phone call'

Goodlett said that the bank protocol during situations like these is to go to the bank vault and which is "of course secure location inside the building". He said they have got the phone inside the vault and her wife who he didn't name  'was able to reach me."  

He further added, "I have talked to her and seen her. She is fine and if everybody follows procedure, everybody else would be fine."  He also praised LNPD saying they have "done a great job closing the scene off." He recalled, "They went in immediately very impressive to watch from the street."


Sharing the experience within the family he said, "I have never been a part of this, now you watch it in the news, you see everything go down, you think of how you would handle this situation if it arose within your family. "Me and her have had that conversation several times,". "Hit the panic button, go to the vault, don't fight, don't do anything, lock yourself up, hide, and let it go" said Goodlett.

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 Man describes 'traumatic call' from wife who hid in Louisville bank vault during Connor Sturgeon massacre