'I'll do anything': Brave mom shoves off drunk home intruder trying to get to kids

Man under the influence cited and released by cops after allegedly attempting to kidnap kids in the garage, but shoved and pinned down by the California mom

                            'I'll do anything': Brave mom shoves off drunk home intruder trying to get to kids
Footage shows California mom attacking the intruder (Reddit)

A mom in Rancho Cucamonga, California is making waves in the community for singlehandedly stopping an intruder from kidnapping her kids on October 26. Reportedly, the man identified as Rasmuss Peter Rasmussen wandered into a garage where some children were playing. The mom sensing the intruder's presence quickly sprung into action, and shoved him to the ground while screaming for help. 

The brave mom, who didn't want to be identified, isn't the first to make the headlines for her actions. In July, Dolores Lopez went viral for saving her some from being kidnapped in New York City. Another heroic mom in China went famous after throwing her two kids out of a burning building before she died inside. In a similar story in West Philadelphia, a heroic mom died after shielding her 11-month-baby during a shooting.


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After the police arrested Rasmussen, the mom did talk to the press to explain what exactly happened. "If my kids are involved, I’m willing to do anything," she said about taking on the man singlehandedly. She didn't want to be identified out of fear for her family's safety.

Rasmussen being attacked by the mom while her husband arrives in the background. (Reddit)

Rasmussen arrested after wandering in

According to reports, the mom and her kids were enjoying the cool evening by playing in the garage, with the door open. One of the kids then started walking toward the front of the garage, leading Rasmussen to "sprint in full speed" at her. The mom quickly sprang into action and shoved Rasmussen to the ground. She continued to fend off the man until her husband and friend arrived.

"I seen him coming into the driveway and my first instinct was just to block him to give my kids enough time to get away," the mom explained, adding, "I thought he was gonna take my girls." A friend then took over, keeping the man pinned while the mom took her kids, including a one-year-old in a high chair at the back of the garage inside the house. It wasn't the family's first encounter with Rasmussen.


Reportedly, the mom's husband and a friend were "driving around" in search of him after he showed up on the property a few minutes before being tackled. When confronted, he ran away, but swiftly returned. Right now, police are unclear what exactly Rasmussen was up to, they haven't been able to pin a reason for him to trespass on the property. Reportedly, he was under the influence and incoherent as a result. 

"Rasmussen was so incoherent that he didn’t know where he was and couldn’t answer their (the police's) questions," CBS Local reported. He was booked in at the West Valley Detention Center on a charge of being under the influence, while the police recommended an additional trespass charge to the District Attorney. However, given that the initial charge was just a misdemeanor, Rasmussen was cited and released, which the mom wasn't happy with. "I don’t think that’s enough. I think he should go to jail and stay in jail," she said.

According to records, the 31-year-old Rasmussen is a resident of La Verne, California. It's unclear what he was doing 13 miles away in Rancho Cucamonga, and how he got there. A video of the altercation is now going viral after being posted to Reddit

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