Who is Linda Ellis? North Carolina boy, 12, fatally shoots armed intruder who fired at his grandmother's leg

Ellis' grandson shot and killed Khalil Herring, who was one of the robbers, in self-defense and cops say charges not expected to be filed against minor

                            Who is Linda Ellis? North Carolina boy, 12, fatally shoots armed intruder who fired at his grandmother's leg
Linda Ellis was injured by two robbers at her home in Goldsboro, North Carolina (Getty Images)

GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA: A 73-year-old woman was shot by masked robbers, who had broken into their home. The woman's 12-year-old grandson, who was trying to defend her from the assailants, shot at one of these two men who died of his injuries.

The Goldsboro Police Department responded to a report of a shooting at 402 S. William Street, where officers found Linda Ellis, 73, suffering from an apparent gunshot syndrome wound. "Shortly thereafter, an additional subject was located near the intersection of William Street and Elm Street, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound," said the Goldsboro Police Department on a police report shared on their Facebook page. This person was later identified as Khalil Herring of Goldsboro. Both subjects were transported to Wayne UNC Health Care, where Ellis was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and is listed in stable condition. Herring succumbed to his injuries.


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The two robbers entered Linda Ellis' home in Goldsboro, North Carolina at around 12.43 am on Saturday, where they demanded money and shot the grandmother in the leg. In self-defense, Ellis' grandson fired back at the two intruders, who fled the scene, one of whom, Khalil Herring, 19, was later found at an intersection, half a block from the apartment. After being taken to Wayne UNC Health Care, he later died of his injuries. Police say they found evidence that Herring was indeed one of the two masked men in the apartment. "Preliminary evidence suggests Khalil Herring was one of the two masked intruders and was shot during the robbery," officials said in a statement, according to the Daily Mail. "A 12-year-old juvenile occupant of the residence shot at the suspects with a firearm in self-defense, causing them to flee the area". 

Ellis's family says she is in a good condition and is expected to be released on Monday.

"They came in the house, I open the door, I open it, and they came in there,' Randolph Bunn, who is Ellis' son and the boy's grand-uncle, told ABC 11. One guy had a gun. They just put me down on the ground… [Ellis] was in the kitchen, I don’t know why they shot her. "[The intruder] just shot his grandma… He would have shot him too, he would’ve shot me too, he would’ve killed us all." 


'It's got to stop'

Ellis' great-niece Chiquita Coley said that she was shocked when she received a call about the attempted robbery. "My phone was constantly ringing, and ringing and ringing," Coley said. "I just couldn't believe she been shot because she's a good person. Why would somebody come into her house and do this? It’s got to stop," she said, adding that Eliis was much loved in the community.

"I don't know what they're thinking around here in Goldsboro, but it's got to stop," she said to the Daily Mail.

Charges are not expected to be filed against the 12-year-old boy, police said, although it's not immediately clear how the minor came to acquire the murder weapon. The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information about this crime, or any other crime in the Wayne County area is asked to call or text Crime Stoppers at 919-735-2255 or submit a TIP at p3tips.com. 

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