'Butlers in Love' Review: Henry and Emma discover secret to the best recipe - love

'Butlers in Love' Review: Henry and Emma discover secret to the best recipe - love
A still from 'Butlers in Love' (Hallmark)

Channels like Hallmark are responsible for bringing out the best churning stories for their viewers. Now the channel is back again with another rom-com titled 'Butlers in Love .'

'Butlers in Love' revolves around Emma (Stacey Farber) and Henry (Corey Cott) when they start their beautiful and memorable and exciting journey in one of the most prestigious butler academies named International Butler Academy. It was Emma's dream to make it to this prestigious academy and build a home for herself among the group of elite graduates. Emma find Henry to be her fiercest competition among all the students in the academy but never knew her competition would turn out to be the love of her life.


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Moreover, Emma also assumes that Henry is someone full of attitude and ego as he belongs to a family of royal butlers. On the other hand, all Henry wants to become is a chef and not a butler, but his family members being the royal butlers never supported and appreciated his passion. After working with the whole team including Henry, Emma learns that teamwork is not a bad idea and she loves working with the team instead of doing it all alone. 

Corey Cott as Henry 'Butlers in Love' (Hallmark)

This teamwork brings the duo closer and Emma encourages Henry to find a different and constructive way to convince his family. The bond between the two makes them discover that the secret to the best recipe is love and they were into it. The acting skills of both the lead actors in the movie are highly appreciable as they gather all eyeballs. To sum up, David Weaver's 'Butler in Love' is a good watch.

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