Buster Murdaugh, 26, and his father Alex 'got very drunk' 2 months after Maggie and Paul were murdered

Buster Murdaugh, 26, and his father Alex 'got very drunk' 2 months after Maggie and Paul were murdered
Buster Murdaugh (R) with his mother Maggie, father Alex Murdaugh and brother Paul (Facebook/ Maggie Murdaugh)

WALTERBORO, SOUTH CAROLINA: Buster Murdaugh, the 26-year-old surviving son of Alex Murdaugh, sobbed in front of the court after his father was found guilty of killing his mother and brother on Friday, March 3. He was sobbing out of control, it was said. Buster's uncles, John Marvin Murdaugh and Randy Murdaugh, managed to finally get him into a car.


The father-son duo, in one such account, were seen drinking alcohol together. At the annual South Carolina Association for Justice convention in Hilton Head in August 2021, Alex, his brother Randolph "Randy" Murdaugh IV, and other attorneys from the PMPED law firm, including Buster, showed up. According to sources quoted in the New York Post, most of them got "very drunk" after that.



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'A lot of them got very drunk'

"They showed up en masse and a lot of them got very drunk, including Buster," the source said. "It got bad enough that some of us had to leave and go upstairs to get away from them. We didn’t want to wind up in some brawl under a pile of Murdaughs," the outlet mentioned.



"It was kind of surprising to see," he added. "Your whole family has just been slaughtered and you should be worried about assassins lurking around every corner but instead you’re whooping it up and drinking."

'Did they recognise you?'

On October 2021, Alex even suggested Buster wear a cap when in public after he was photographed going to the casino with his uncle John Marvin Murdaugh in Las Vegas. The recording of the phone call between them was also leaked. Alex in the call seems surprised that his son was photographed and a news article about him was out. "Are you kidding me? Did they recognize you," to which his son says replies that it was in the news, he suggests, "I guess you have to wear hats..."


Buster is rumored of having possible links in the 2015 killing of Stephen Smith. In Hampton County, a few miles from the Murdaugh hunting lodge where Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were killed in June 2021, Stephen's body was discovered on a backroad.

Buster, also known as Richard Alexander Murdaugh Jr, resides in Hilton Head, South Carolina, with his lawyer girlfriend, Brooklynn White, in a condo that she owns. Alex Murdaugh, the disgraced attorney was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Friday, March 3, for murdering his wife and son. His defense attorneys said they plan to appeal the sentence within 10 days.

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 Buster Murdaugh and his father Alex 'got very drunk' 2 months after Maggie and Paul were murdered