Burna Boy and Polo G's ‘Want It All' Fan Review: Nigerian rapper's collab is cringey

Burna Boy’s latest track released on Friday, October 1, is a follow up to his recently released songs called ‘Kilometre’ and ‘Question’

                            Burna Boy and Polo G's ‘Want It All' Fan Review: Nigerian rapper's collab is cringey
Burna Boy and Polo G in a still from 'Want It All' ([email protected])

Nigerian rap star Burna Boy is surely on a roll since 2020. After dropping the festival favorite ‘Twice as Tall’ last year, the rapper dropped a fresh song from his catalog called ‘Want It All’. The Grammy-winning hip-hop artist connected with Polo G for his latest offering and quickly managed to grab the attention of music lovers.
Burna Boy’s new track released on Friday, October 1 is a follow-up to his recently released songs called ‘Kilometre’ and ‘Question’. The rapper, who enjoys more than seven million followers on Instagram, had announced the track only a day prior to its release on the photo-sharing app. Polo G, who is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, had dropped his third studio album called ‘Hall of Fame’ in June 2021.
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Burna Boy recruits Polo G for new single ‘Want It All’

Burna Boy, who keeps a keen interest in American hip-hop, collaborated with Polo G for the very first time. On his latest banger, the Nigerian artist sheds light on the days of his struggles and how he now gets exclusive bags from Virgil Abloh. While remembering his old days, the rapper in the chorus croons, “I remember when they said they don't believe in me no more/I was sleeping on the ground, on the cold floor/Whole time I was grinding, I've been tryin' to achieve/ Working night and day, you know my people no dey sleep.”

Burna then switches his flow in the first verse rapping, “So tell me your opinion na your nyash o/ Convexed because I say I did it to my own oh/ If I enter fire now shey una go follow/ I'm tellin' you, back in '09 I really sold dope.” Polo G then enters the song on the second verse spitting, “In my stomach, butterflies/ Ain't been sane since my brothers died/ We woke up like f**k, it's now, never put a ho above the guys/I have dug deep into your heart and I discovered lies/ They gon' tell my story, I'm that ni**a, what they summarize/ No lie, no cap, God knows.”  You can listen to the track on different streaming platforms here.





‘Something about Burna Boy and Polo G collaboration just makes me cringe’

Several hip-hop fans took to Twitter as soon as Burna Boy dropped his latest single. “Now we know why you’re the First Nigerian with a Grammy award, your musical sense of reasoning is unmatched....Efilefin Burna”, said one fan as another pitched in and posted, “The fact abt the song be say you feature the right person.” The next one added, “Watching Burna Boy win makes me so happy. His single “Want It All” featuring Polo G is a vibe and I love the idea of him collaborating with more rappers.”
Meanwhile, one asked, “Need answers, Burna trying to sound like Polo G on a Burna joint? Whyyyyyy.” Another user claimed, “The way Burna boy bodied Polo G on this song. Finally a good song, none of that Question and kilomitank BS.” One person shared, “I don’t know why but something about that burna boy and polo g collaboration just makes me cringe.” While one concluded, “Burna boy and Polo G just dropped the song i will hold in high esteem for the rest of this year. "WANT IT ALL" is magical.”
















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