Bryce Hall reveals he didn't cheat Addison Rae with Loren Gray, it was a prank that went all wrong

The 21-year-old YouTuber and Gray were spotted holding hands on February 13

                            Bryce Hall reveals he didn't cheat Addison Rae with Loren Gray, it was a prank that went all wrong
Bryce Hall played a prank with Loren Gray's help (R) that girlfriend Addison Rae approved (Bryce Hall and Loren Gray/ Instagram)

YouTuber Bryce Hall has revealed that “date” with Loren Gray was a prank after he broke the Internet and some people’s hearts as he and Gray were spotted together holding hands on February 13. However, the prank did not go as planned as he slipped up by leaving a microphone exposed, which many of his fans noticed. In his latest video, Hall also showed some BTS footage of the prank in action. The 21-year-old said, “So this is either gonna go really bad, or I just pull off the prank of the century. I feel like it’s already kind of put out in the world, at least to my haters, that I’m a cheating scumbag. So, I’m gonna be pranking the media into thinking that I’m a cheating scumbag.”




Hall explained how he planned the whole thing by FaceTiming Gray and asking for her help. His girlfriend Addison Rae was also part of the plan as she was the one who approved it. However, to make it more realistic, they needed one more person and took help from Hall’s friend and popular photographer, Kevin Wong.


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“I haven’t been in a scandal in a while, so I feel like it’s just that time, you know? Now, we need a paparazzi that we can trust to make this completely believable," the social media star added. “This is the first strategic chaotic thing we’ve ever done. Everything else we’ve done, we f**ked up on accident and then had to deal with the consequences. This time, we’re controlling the narrative. F**k these pu**ies. F**k these news outlets. Never trust what you see on the internet.”

However, several of Hall’s fans and followers proved themselves smarter than he thought. “Hundreds of thousands of people saw the mic just on my shirt. It was a failed attempt. I did try to pull off a prank of the century. Sadly, it fails,” he concluded.



Though the prank failed in its execution, Hall did not fail to make Rae feel the 'luckiest girl in the world' as he gifted her a beautiful $100,000 necklace on Valentine’s Day. People reacted on the internet over the whole thing as one user tweeted, “IM CRYING. I HAVE   BEEN WATING  FOR THIS   ALL DAY .AHAHAHAH THEY ARE SOO FUCKING CUTEEE. NOW I'M GONNE REWATCH THE VIDEO 100 TIMESSS AHAHAHAH @whoisaddison @BryceHall #fromaddison.” Another said, “happy 4 months cuties @BryceHall @whoisaddison.” “70k? FLOWERS? A HOTEL ROOM WITH A VIEW OF SANTA MONICA??? where may I purchase my own Bryce Hall, anybody got a link??” the third user commented.





Some also reacted to Hall's latest video as one person commented, “Everyone went from 'Bryce is an ass. Leave him Addison. He doesn’t deserve you' to 'he wouldn’t cheat, he’s loyal, she’s lucky to have him.’” The second user said, “cant believe people actually thought he would cheat on her, especially with loren, like thats so random lol.” “loren: i'm gonna be the most hated person on the internet bryce: yess someone else for once!” the third user added.

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