Did Bryce Hall threaten to beat a fan? TikToker tells boy, 16, 'I'll knock you' in viral video

Bryce Hall was eating at a restaurant when a fan comes up to him and Covid appears to be a factor in the interaction that went viral

                            Did Bryce Hall threaten to beat a fan? TikToker tells boy, 16, 'I'll knock you' in viral video
Screenshots of the viral video of Bryce Hall talking to a fan (@BryceHall/Twitter)

TikTIk star Bryce Hall is currently making the rounds on social media, but not for his own TikTok. On August 3, footage emerged of Hall threatening a 16-year-old fan, first on another TikTok account before being shared on Twitter and Facebook. It's unclear when and where the interaction took place, but it has captured a lot of attention since it emerged. 

In 2020, Hall was all over the news for his dramatic "cheating" scandal. As we reported, Hall and fellow TikToker Addison Rae confirmed that they were a couple, much to the delight of fans. Then in November, the duo was involved in a rather steamy photoshoot for globally acclaimed photographer Cibelle Levi. In February 2021, the romance appeared to be cut short when Hall was spotted on a "date" with Loren Grey, much to the shock and disappointment of fans.


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Thankfully, that saga ended on a happy note after he revealed it was a prank gone wrong, but it does indicate the depths TikTokers are going to in order to gain fame and followers. This time though, it appears as if Hall might have just gone a bit far. It's unclear if the video is staged, given that it appears to have been taken by Hall's friend, and that he later shares it on Twitter with his plug. Nonetheless, putting a 16-year-old in that position doesn't seem like a great thing to do.


Did Bryce Hall threaten a fan?

If we go by the video alone, it appears as if Hall did indeed threaten the 16-year-old. "You come back here, with Covid being a thing.... I'm going to knock you the f**k out," he tells the fan." The clip is just over 10 seconds long, so there are more questions than answers. For one, it's unclear how the interaction began. The fan doesn't appear to be wearing a mask in the video, so it is likely that is what triggered Hall to issue the threat. Hall himself wasn't wearing a mask, but that was because he was eating in the outdoor section of a restaurant.

Secondly, it does feel like the video could be staged. Most people would like to avoid sharing such videos, given the widespread backlash they receive on the internet, but not Hall. Instead, he posted a screen recording of the video on Twitter, and said, "Full video on http://pauclub.com use code “penis” for $1 on your first month." It's unclear where the recording emerged from, but it doesn't appear to be TikTok. 


What we do know is that Hall appears to be quite concerned about Covid-19. "I'm going to feel threatened, that's a threat," he tells the fan "with Covid being a thing". He tells the fan he will hit him if he comes "past this line, six feet", pointing to a line on the ground. It's unclear how exactly the fan reacts. The video cuts off with him saying, "bro, I don't know why you are getting so mad."

On TikTok and Twitter, the video did lead to some trolling of Hall. A handful of users bashed him, but the video remains up on his account for now. Hall refused to comment on the matter when The Daily Dot attempted to reach out.