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Bryan Richardson: Cops under fire for killing man AFTER taking away his gun moments after brother's tragic death

The Orange County sheriff's office claimed both the brothers had been involved in an 'altercation' with another man
UPDATED AUG 29, 2022
Bryan Richardson did not appear violent in the video and even turned over the gun to a female cop before being shot dead by a deputy (Orange County Sheriff's Office)
Bryan Richardson did not appear violent in the video and even turned over the gun to a female cop before being shot dead by a deputy (Orange County Sheriff's Office)

Warning: Content may be distressing, viewer discretion is advised.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA: Horrifying video released by a Florida police department shows the moment a deputy shot dead a man moments after his brother was shot in a hotel parking lot, where he lay dying. The incident took place on August 6, 2022, outside the Heritage Hotel in Orlando. Both brothers died and the deputy was subsequently placed on temporary administrative leave pending an investigation.

The department said that 21-year-old Dylan Jimenez was involved in a gun battle with another man before he died. The fight left him slumped on a car as he bled out in the hotel parking lot. This prompted 28-year-old Bryan Richardson, his brother, to rush to the scene. 


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Video released by the Orange County Sheriff's Department shows onlookers crowded around Jimenez, attempting to assist the dying man. Richardson, visibly distraught, stood outside the crowd of bystanders surrounding Jimenez. He had a handgun at his side. An officer, upon noticing an armed Richardson, draws his service weapon and points it at him. Meanwhile, his female partner approaches Richardson to take his gun away from him. 

Richardson does not appear violent in the video and even turns over the gun to the female cop. His other arm is seen outstretched towards the deputy as if pleading with him not to shoot. However, the officer ended up shooting Richardson eight times, killing him. Both brothers were rushed to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead.


The sheriff's office claimed both the brothers had been involved in an "altercation" with another man. The man was reportedly hospitalized but survived the incident. According to deputies, Jimenez and the third man first began shooting at each other, which left Jimenez wounded and dying in the parking lot. The deputy and his female partner arrived at the scene and found that Jimenez was already being taken care of by a civilian. 

Officers became aware of Richardson's presence after one of the onlookers shouted "He's got a gun!" The man also claimed that Richarson is "pointing it at people!" Richardson's killing at the hands of the deputy then followed, even though he had already been disarmed. 

Due to Marsy's Law sheriff's office did not release any information on the deputy who killed Richardson. Marsy's Law, which was implemented in 2018, ensures victims of crime have equal, constitutional rights on the same level as those accused of crimes. It was only confirmed that the deputy has been with the sheriff's office since 2018. He is now the subject of an internal police probe, and has been placed on a paid temporary administrative leave, the Daily Mail reported. 

Orange Country Sheriff John Mina issued a statement after the footage was released. "Deputies directed that man – later identified as Bryan Richardson – to drop the gun," Mina said. "When he did not comply, one deputy fired his weapon."

Meanwhile, the deceased men's family retained an attorney, Mark NeJame, who said following the release of the video, "We are thankful for the orange County Sheriff's transparency in releasing the body camera footage to the public. We respect that further camera footage from the first deputy on scene cannot yet be released as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has the matter under investigation."

NeJame claimed that the third man involved in the shooting was a "known menace and danger" to the residents of Heritage Hotel. He said Richardson was only holding his gun to provide protection to the first deputy on scene, as well as to the former EMT who was helping his brother, as the third man was still present in the area. He also claimed that the first deputy on the scene, the deputy's female partner, knew Richardson was armed and gave him permission for the same.