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'Normally chatty' Bryan Kohberger went SILENT when Idaho murders were discussed in class, says friend

Bryan Kohberger's ex-classmate said, 'I’m shocked. I can’t believe this person was around me after they allegedly committed such a horrible crime'
Bryan Kohberger is currently in jail awaiting his next court appearance (Latah County Sheriff's Office)
Bryan Kohberger is currently in jail awaiting his next court appearance (Latah County Sheriff's Office)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: A classmate of the Idaho quadruple murder accused has spoken about him after his arrest. Ben Roberts had reportedly studied with Bryan Kohberger and claimed that though the 28-year-old was the "outgoing" type, he did not use to open his mouth whenever a discussion around the killings of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle, took place in the class.

Roberts told the Idaho Statesman, “He seemed gregarious and outgoing, that was really the only impression that I got. He was making the rounds. He definitely seemed a little more eager than some of the others that were present to go around and introduce himself.” The criminal justice graduate student went on to explain, “Bryan only talked about his interest in forensic psychology. He was an incredibly strong student and talked during class every time. He sat front and center, and was not hiding or tucking back in the back. He was right there in the middle of it.”


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But he then mentioned that he noticed something unusual in Kohberger whenever the murders of the four students were brought up. Roberts, “He was completely silent,” before expressing his feelings after the arrest of the 28-year-old man, who has been pressed with a felony burglary charge in addition to the murder charges. Roberts said, “I’m shocked. I can’t believe this person was around me after they allegedly committed such a horrible crime. It’s a story that’s affected people, so I don’t know if I kind of want to satiate curiosity, but do that by offering something so people don’t speculate as much.”

Besides, Roberts reportedly pointed out that Kohberger had a negative approach whenever “a female was talking.” He shared, “It’s hard to see a pattern emerging while you’re in the classroom, but he would tend to push back when a female was talking, more than a male talking. He was more keen on asking probing questions and things like that.” Another student, whose identity has not been revealed, agreed with his classmate while stating that the suspect “talked down to LGBTQ+ individuals, those who are in a marginalized community, those who were disabled, and women.”

Then, Roberts added, “The stories you’re reading in the paper, the cases you’re reviewing, the studies you’re doing, it can become easy to forget that they’re connected to real people, and it’s the real world and real consequences. People lose people, and find their kid’s bed empty. There’s a real heaviness looking at that and realizing and remembering, this is not just some sterile academic subject. This is something that affects people.”

Meanwhile, Washington State University, from where the alleged killer was pursuing his PhD, has removed information about him and his classmates from its website. Instead of their details, the site has now shared, "We removed the webpage containing the listing and contact information for graduate students in the CJC department."

The statement added, "This decision was done to protect the privacy of our graduate students. Media inquiries should be directed to Vice President for marketing and Communications Phil Weiler ( We stand in sympathy with the families of the victims of this horrible crime and remain dedicated to the pursuit of justice."