Who are Brooke Shields' daughters? Rowan and Grier at 'home for holidays' with actress

Who are Brooke Shields' daughters? Rowan and Grier at 'home for holidays' with actress
Brooke Shields with her daughters at the beach (brookeshields/Instagram)

On Sunday, December 19, Brooke Shields happily informed the world that her two teenage daughters, Rowan Francis Henchy and Grier Hammond Henchy, were coming home to celebrate the Christmas holidays with the family. Brooke said that her daughters are with her since they are 'home for the holidays'. Here's more about Brooke's lovely daughters.

The 56-year-old New Yorker and former child star enjoys a social media following of around 3.6 million and proudly shared the news of her daughter's homecoming. People have been reacting positively in her comment section since she shared the news, including her celebrity friends. From comedian Ali Wentworth to the author of Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell, everyone flooded her comments section with glowing comments. 


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Rowan Francis Henchy, who is 18, is attending Wake Forest University in North Carolina right now. She graduated from Cold Spring Harbor High School in New York.  Grier Hammond Henchy, who is still 15, is a model and has recently modeled for the New York clothing company, Cool Is A Construct's 2021 campaign. The post has come two weeks after Brooke called her younger daughter an 'a*shole' when she appeared in the Armchair Expert podcast hosted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman. 


Talking about Grier, she said, "The 15 year old shocks me at times. She is a social justice warrior. She can take an argument. I would love her to be a prosecutor." She added, "Grier just Facetimes me about this dress she wants to buy, and it is this big drama, and I'm trying to succinctly tell her what is the best plan of action to get said dress, and then in case, if said dress does not fit a certain way, we can get another one." 

Telling about her behavior, she further added, "It is this whole thing, but I was laying it out and then I get a text saying, 'I really don't appreciate the way you talk to me. I think you talk to me like I am a child.' And I'm like, 'Hmm, okay.''' 


The producer also said that her two daughters are like night and day, which is crazy because they have come into the world through same parents, same bodies and live in the same house. 

Brooke Sheilds also shared that her children are more connected to their father and their father, Chris Henchy, is their first love. The couple got married almost 20 years ago.  Sheilds is next expected to be seen in the lie detector game show, 'Would I lie to you,' which will be premiering next year on The CW Show. The show is hosted by Aasif Mandvi and captains Sabrina Jalees and Matt Walsh.

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