Brooke Shields reveals she decided to wear bikini for her daughters to have realistic body image

Brooke Shields opens up about her decision to finally pose in a two-piece as she revealed her struggles with body insecurities.

                            Brooke Shields reveals she decided to wear bikini for her daughters to have realistic body image
Brooke Shields (Source:Getty Images)

Brooke Shields showed off her curvaceous figure as she posted a series of pictures in a red bikini on her Instagram. However, she was not always confident about showing off some skin.  "I used to wear these bathing suits that practically came to my knees," she recalled. 

In her latest interview with InStyle, the actress revealed that she would often wear a bikini that covered most of her body. She then reflected on how people are often negative about their body and it is time for people to realize that each and every body type is different.

"My oldest daughter would say, "That makes you look so big and uncomfortable." I realized I had to be confident in my skin to set the right example for her," she continued. "We all have different body types and spend so much of our time comparing ourselves with others. But I’ve found if you look at your individual physiological structure and play up the strong points, it’s empowering. It’s not in my DNA to be waiflike, so I ask, “What do I have?” and highlight that," she said. 

Meanwhile, in an interview with NET-A-PORTER’s weekly digital magazine, PorterEdit, Brooke revealed that while growing up she faced body insecurities. The root cause of it happened to be her mother who she recalled, called her 'fat' on several occasions. "My mother would get drunk and say, "Why don’t you move your fat a**?" So, I’ve always believed I had a fat a**" she told the publication at that time. 

"I modeled swimwear when I was 15, and even then, I didn’t think I had a swimsuit body,' Brooke continued. 'I was a cover girl, not a supermodel. I was neck-up — the face, the eyebrows — and I was always described as "athletic", "not rail-thin", "not a runway model". Those messages, they seep into your consciousness," she continued. Brooke started feeling confident about her body and self after she embarked on a romance with screenwriter Chris Henchy.

The pair celebrated 17 years of marriage in April. "I would walk backward out of rooms, and he’d say, "No, I want to grab onto you." He really celebrated my womanliness and my body. And I needed a man to celebrate me," she said. Even though Brooke has a lot of insecurities while growing up, she is proud that her daughters, Rowan Francis Henchy and Grier Hammond Henchy much more 'mature and confident' than she was at their age. 

"[My daughters] are so much more mature than I was, so much more confident in their own bodies. They have the same stubbornness and strength that I do, but are more well-adjusted. I am jealous as all hell about that. But, of course, I created it," she said.