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North Carolina town declares Bigfoot as its official animal

Despite there being no proper proof whether the creature exists or not, this town believes Bigfoot deserves some good publicity and so they have made it their official animal.
UPDATED APR 10, 2020
(Source:Getty Images)
(Source:Getty Images)

While many people are still debating on whether Bigfoot is real or not, Marion, NC, which has a population of just over 7,800 has decided to make the Bigfoot as its official animal. Bigfoot, who has reportedly been spotted by several people on different occasions, will be honored as the town’s official animal on September 8. It coincidentally happens to be the same day when the town is hosting a Bigfoot festival to “prove” the creature’s existence. This festival is expected to have eyewitness accounts, video sightings and recordings of the creature. “Well, we thought the (proclamation) idea was different,” Town Manager Bob Boyette said. "Who is to say what’s out there? Nobody knows for sure and there are some smart people who are convinced it’s real.”

The town’s mayor, Stephen Little, admitted that like many others, he too had not seen Bigfoot, but that hasn't stopped him from being confident about anyone who decides to come to the town might be lucky to spot one. As reported by The Charlotte Observer, Marion is also the home of the Facebook research group known as BIGFOOT 911 which is run by John Bruner. John claims that he has seen the legendary creature. In August 2017, BIGFOOT 911 claims they had seen Bigfoot running around in a forest in the state. John took to his Facebook group to describe the sighting. He wrote he saw a “large bipedal animal covered in hair” in the glow from his headlamp. After being spotted, he alleges that the creature tried to run away. 

However, John followed him and spotted him for the second time, this time, where a tree had been broken in half. Earlier this year, Bigfoot was spotted in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, as well as, in a Canadian forest. In late 2017, it was reported that Bigfoot was spotted in Northern California where he reportedly tried to steal a pig from a farmer near Avocado Lake. There have been several other people recalling incidents where they thought they had spotted Bigfoot. 

A man who was on his way to Vermont had previously claimed that he had seen the creature. Paul Bartholomew, an investigator who spoke to the man said: "he was stunned". "His jaw just dropped open. But this is actually a very typical type of sighting," as reported by Fox News. The man told Paul that the creature was hairy, had two legs, wide shoulders and a small neck.  Paul also noted that in the month of August and September there are many who report seeing Bigfoot. 

“Whether it’s a migration I’m not sure. But there’s a real consistency with the reports. People will be driving at night — and they describe seeing the same thing,” he said. “A forest road is the most likely a place for a person to have the opportunity to see the creature.” Unfortunately, the driver did not take a picture of Bigfoot as the event happened "too quickly."