Brittany Coleman: Brian Laundrie's mom hated Gabby Petito, wanted son to marry coworker

'Gabby has a laundry list of mental health issues, financial irresponsibilities, and other issues,' Brittany Coleman said in her post defending Brian

                            Brittany Coleman: Brian Laundrie's mom hated Gabby Petito, wanted son to marry coworker
Brittany Coleman (L) is a colleague of Roberta Laundrie, the mother of Brian Laundrie (R) (Facebook/Brittany Anne Coleman, Instagram)

In a new twist to Brian Laundrie-Gabby Petito case, it is being claimed by many that Brian's mother Roberta Laundrie "hated" Gabby Petito. In fact, she apparently wanted her son to marry Brittany Anne Coleman, one of her young coworkers. Brittany first emerged into prominence after she defended Brian in some domestic violence posts seeking #JusticeForGabbyPetito. She also wrote elaborate posts in support of the Laundrie family where she shamed Gabby time and again. Brittany claimed that contrary to popular belief, Brian Laundrie was the actual victim in their relationship, as Gabby "abused" him. 

Now, unconfirmed claims have surfaced online that Roberta Laundrie preferred Brittany Coleman over Gabby Petito as a future daughter-in-law. Internet sleuths have dug deep into Brittany Coleman's close friendship with Roberta Laundrie. One of her photos shows Brittany wearing a poncho hand-knitted by Roberta, where she calls the latter the "most kind and wonderful person in the whole world." It must be reminded in this context that Gabby Petito's mother Nicole Schmidt had previously stated that Brian Laundrie's mother loved Gabby "like her own daughter". 


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On September 28, Brittany Coleman wrote a Facebook post saying, "It's hard too because I know Brian and he's really nice and his mother is an absolute gem. I worked with Roberta, she crocheted me a poncho! She's given me so much advice throughout my time working with her and we've remain close friends since then and it breaks my heart to see two families going through such horrible things and the entire world is gawking and throwing their two cents in and making fun of them like we're in elementary school and nobody taught each other to be kind to one another. I think so hardest thing is all the people acting like they know what happened before any information got out and talking horrible things about Brian and his family. There was another murder not far from there around the same time, but there was no big press on it."

She continued, "What I do believe is that Gabby has a laundry list of mental health issues, financial irresponsibilities, and other issues and Brian and his family have been so supportive through the years. She lived in their home rent free both with the sister of Brian and with the parents at different times. I spoke with Roberta at length about some of the situations that had occurred in the house while they were all living together... I did not sound easy. The fact that people are saying Brian stole her van and used her card when I know he poured in so much of his savings for her to live her dream and to try and make her happy is heartbreaking, he's being treated like the scum of the Earth and how his parents are being treated like the parents of the scum of the Earth because they're trying to do the right thing and protect him and anyone who thinks they wouldn't do whatever they could for their child doesn't deserve children. The truth may never come out.... The whole truth. And even if Gabby was murdered by someone else, if it turns out it was an accident or self inflicted, Brian and his family will forever be hated and even if he's completely proven without a doubt not to be the one responsible for her death. Half the world thinks they "know what happened" based on a few news articles... That's scary!"


In her 2020 photo wearing the now-infamous poncho, Brittany Coleman wrote, "Roberta Laundrie the most kind and wonderful person in the whole world!!! My one in a billion friend hand made this gorgeous and super cozy poncho (with a removable cowl neck) JUST FOR ME!!!! I can't thank you enough for such an amazing gift! So many compliments on your craftwomanship! And ironically, the splotches of brown you were afraid you might regret seem to be complimented almost as much as the poncho itself! Every time I see it (several times a day lol), it puts a huge smile on my face and when I wear it, it gives me a hug full of the love you put into it!!
I'm so blessed to have you in my life!!"




Brittany Coleman faced a barrage of insults and hatred from social media users following her defense of Brian Laundrie and his family. In her latest Facebook post, she slammed the incessant criticism and defended her stance, equating her online abuse with bullying. 

"It makes me feel pretty bad that people have nothing better to do than to jump on the bandwagon and say hurtful things to people who are closer to the damage than they will ever be. Seems like some weird phenomena that I'm kind of just letting go instead of deleting my post because I already know the world is an ugly place, and I'd rather people waste their time and energy harassing me than somebody else who maybe has a harder time not being hurt by the words of strangers. I was bullied a good portion of my life. People think they knew me from a few excerpts... I can't imagine what the families of Gabby and Brian must be going through with all these people who feel it necessary to spread war, not peace. I'll take the heat if that means somebody else is spared. And to those of you who are giving me support for trying to explain that there's always more to the story, and ask that people don't jump on the defense or the offense based on a few things they read on the internet, God bless you and thank you for keeping an open mind and having huge hearts!" Coleman wrote.