Britney Spears’ son Jayden says 'attention seeking' mom's raunchy social media posts 'may never stop'

Britney Spears’ son Jayden says 'attention seeking' mom's raunchy social media posts 'may never stop'
Britney and her sons Jayden and Sean Federline have had a strained relationship and haven't seen each other in months (Instagram)

CALABASAS, LOS ANGELES: Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline's youngest son, Jayden James, who is 15 years old, claimed the Princess of Pop's sexually-charged social media posts were “something to get attention,” and raised concerns that this “will never stop.”

Jayden, in a taped segment for ITV News recently, spoke candidly after taking his father's permission that his ailing relationship with the chart-topper could be repaired, but it would take "a lot of time".


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Britney and Kevin have two boys, Jayden, and Sean Preston Federline, 16. Both of them live at Kevin’s Los Angeles home. Despite their differences, Jayden revealed that he still wants to see and spend time with his mother again.

Britney with her sons, Jayden Federline and Sean Federline (credit: Instagram)
Britney with her sons Jayden Federline and Sean Federline (Instagram)

The 15-year-old added that he truly believed that before her emancipation in November 2021, her 13-year conservatory took “a little too long” and her father Jamie was just "trying to make her dream come true" in the beginning. 

Jayden shared his views on the 40-year-old's regular Instagram posts, in which she poses nude and addresses her fans in heels. He said, "It’s almost like she has to post something to get attention. It’s been like this for years and years and years and may never stop." 

Britney spears (credit: Britney Spears/ Instagram)
Britney Spears has been posting a number of sexually charged posts on her Instagram (Britney Spears/ Instagram)

Jayden describes his father's home as his “safe place” and said that that was where he “could process the emotional trauma we went through," although he didn’t specify what trauma he was referring to.

"Britney hadn’t seen her sons in months," read a report by The Daily Mail in August. The report further mentioned that the former dancer said the "boys’ desire to avoid the circus over their mother’s personal life was so great that they didn’t even come to her wedding in June to American-Iranian model Sam Asghari."

Britney Spears (L) and Sam Asghari arrive at the premiere of Sony Pictures'
Britney Spears' sons were so keen on avoiding the brouhaha over her personal life that they did not attend her wedding to Sam Asghari (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Britney accused her sons of “abandoning her” and being “hateful to her" in a now-deleted Instagram post, in response to the above statement. This accusation from Spears prompted Kevin to post videos that allegedly showed the singer "yelling" at her sons when they were younger. The video has also been removed now. 

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