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Brian Laundrie STILL using Spotify! He removed playlist after Twitter user spots it

Social media users find that Laundrie is still active on Spotify, Instagram, removes playlist names and photos tied to Gabby Petito
UPDATED SEP 22, 2021
Eagle-eyed Spotify user noticed Brian Laundrie's Spotify account Nomadic Statik removed playlist name (gabspetito/Instagram)
Eagle-eyed Spotify user noticed Brian Laundrie's Spotify account Nomadic Statik removed playlist name (gabspetito/Instagram)

The FBI continues its search for Brian Laundrie and appears to have made little headway. Meanwhile, internet sleuths think they've made a breakthrough of sorts. On September 21, two Twitter users claimed that Laundrie is still using his Spotify account, and have seen recent activity to confirm that he's very much online. The stunning breakthrough comes just a day after it was reported Laundrie was in Mobile, Alabama, a tip that is yet to pan out.

On September 17, the Laundrie family lawyer confirmed Gabby Petito's boyfriend had gone missing, and that his whereabouts are "currently unknown". Initially, he was believed to have fled to the Carlton Reserve nearby, but days of searching have revealed little so far. The only clue to his location came after police found the Laundrie's Mustang at the reserve, which he was believed to have escaped in.


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There is now an extensive manhunt going on for Laundrie, spearheaded by the FBI after Gabby Petito's body was found on September 19. The Laundrie family home has now be sealed as a crime scene, and authorities have been granted a warrant to review all the digital data connected to the case. One area they don't have access to yet though is Laundrie's social profiles, which he appears to be using on the run. First, it was Instagram, and now it appears to be Spotify.


Laundrie spotted using Spotify

On September 21, we reported that Laundrie's Instagram account unfollowed around six people, and can now confirm he also appears to be active on Spotify. Two eagle-eyed users noted that Laundrie's Spotify account 'Nomadic Statik' removed the name of a playlist late on September 21. We can confirm the playlist named 'Mtn tops' has had its name removed, but continues to exist on Laundrie's account. At the time of reporting, the playlist had 2,443 followers. 

"BRIAN LAUNDRIE IS ONLINE RIGHT NOW. ON NOMADIC STATIC @Spotify - he just removed a second playlist title in two days," one person tweeted. Another user chimed in, saying, "Ok guys what the f--k. The name on the Mtn Tops playlist on Nomadic Statik Spotify profile just disappeared. Literally right now as I was checking! #BrianLaundrie #gabypetito."



It also appears as if Laundrie has removed the playlist's cover photo, which featured him on a mountain top. A third playlist, with a photo of Gabby and the name 'Mello Yello' also appears to have had its name and photo removed, when we checked. There are still eight playlists up on the profile, with their names and photos. It's unclear how Laundrie is accessing his social media profiles, or if the FBI is tracking his phone. 

'How can we not track that shit in 2021?'

News of Laundrie's activity has now blown up on social media. One angry user tweeted, "Brian Laundrie keeps f-----g updating and using his Spotify how can we not track that shit in 2021!!!!" Another said, "If Brian Laundrie is still updating his Spotify Playlist, it would suggest he has a way to keep his phone on. Solar powered charger? If he's connected to a mobile network it should be traceable. If he's connected to wifi I'd assume he's not in the middle of a nature reserve."



"@SpotifyUSA surely you can assist the FBI with locating Brian Laundrie if he’s actively listening to Spotify. You constantly know where I am and when I’m driving, so couldn’t this help find Dirty Laundrie?" one person asked. Another commented, "Brian Laundrie is active on social media and Spotify and cops really think he’s in a reserve that’s 75% under water LOL."



It's unclear if anyone else has access to the Nomadic Statik Spotify account and could be responsible for the updates. We will update you when we know more, but for now, it does appear as if he is alive and well, somewhere with internet access. At the time of publication, Laundrie's Instagram account has further reduced its following to 43 accounts, down from its original 60 and the 54 it was on when we published our earlier story.