Brian Laundrie's spirit is in limbo as he fears punishment, says psychic

The unnamed psychic medium said they were having trouble communicating with Laundrie because 'he hasn’t crossed over'

                            Brian Laundrie's spirit is in limbo as he fears punishment, says psychic
Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie (Instagram/ @gabspetito)

Days after Brian Laundrie's cause of death turned up as inconclusive and his remains were sent to an anthropologist to try and determine how he died, a psychic medium has come forward, claiming to know exactly how the 23-year-old boyfriend of Florida vlogger Gabby Petito died. They also said that his spirit has not crossed over to the afterlife. 

Laundrie, the boyfriend of 22-year-old vlogger Petito, had reportedly not been seen since September 14 and was confirmed 'missing' on September 17. This led police to search the nearby Carlton Reserve for Laundrie, the person of interest in Petito's death case, whose remains were found at a Wyoming Park by the authorities. The case began drawing national interest after Brian returned home to Florida on September 1 without his girlfriend after a cross-country road trip. On October 21, the FBI confirmed that the partial skeletal remains recovered from the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in Florida a day earlier were Laundrie's after comparing his dental records. 


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Spirit of Brian Laundrie is afraid of being reprimanded: Psychic


In an interview with The Sun, the unnamed psychic medium said they were having trouble communicating with Laundrie because “he hasn’t crossed over and he probably feels afraid of being reprimanded in some way.” When someone “does something really wrong and they die, they usually don’t want to go to the light because they know they’re going to get punished," the medium said, as someone that connects with spirits in the afterlife. 

They added: “So he’s clearly not ready. He wasn’t willing to crossover or communicate with me either because he didn’t want to feel remorse.” Laundrie's remains, recovered from the park, included a portion of a human skull that was “badly decomposed,” according to reports. “Brian died from trauma to the right side of his head and there was a lot of blood loss,” said the medium, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Brian Laundrie's remains sent for 'further evaluation'


“I can confirm that the remains were being sent to an anthropologist for further evaluation,” Laundrie's family lawyer Steve Bertolino said. He added that they were hoping for more answers from law enforcement regarding the cause of death for Laundrie. Bertolino said on Thursday night, October 22, that he did not know how Laundrie died. “I don't want to speculate,” he said. “I try not to do that. I would hope people would stop doing that as well, especially with respect to this case. And in respect to the cause or how Brian came to be dead I don't know. We'll wait, if possible, for some kind of cause of death from the experts.”

Michael F McPherson, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Tampa field office, said that the authorities had found a notebook and a backpack that belonged to Laundrie near the remains in the heavily-wooded, 160-acre Myakkahatchee Park in North Port. The park connects to the Carlton Reserve, a 24,565-acre wildlife refuge, where the authorities had been searching for Laundrie for weeks. The items were found in an area that until recently had been underwater, McPherson said.

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