Brian Laundrie designed bookmarks splattered with BLOOD, Gabby Petito SOLD them

Brian Laundrie designed bookmarks splattered with BLOOD, Gabby Petito SOLD them
Brian Laundrie designed bookmarks with blood on them (Instagram/Brian Laundrie, Depop)

Before Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie went on their ill-fated cross-country road trip, Laundrie had designed bookmarks covered in blood. Gabby Petito reportedly tried to sell these online on her Depop page, "thingsgabbydoes", in February of this year. The bookmarks had various designs — featuring birds, penguins, and also a shadowed outline of the Marvel Comics character Hellboy.

Some of the designs, titled "Chuck Palahniuk custom", involve a stamp of two angels facing one another over a fountain, with a lipstick mark on top of them. The mark is seen placed inside Palahniuk's novel, 'Fight Club', which Laundrie often referenced in his artwork. Splattered across the book and bookmark are red smudges and droplets of blood. A second design features a black outline of a dead mockingbird. All the items on Petito's Depop page are now listed as "SOLD".

(Instagram/Brian Laundrie)


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Days after Brian Laundrie's death was confirmed, a psychological expert from New York analyzed his bizarre and "demonic" artworks, and compared his nature to that of a sociopath. Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr Orna Guralnik told The Sun that "Sociopaths will act on violent images." She was speaking in the context of the numerous pieces of 'violent' artworks made by Laundrie himself or saved by him on his Pinterest board. Many of these drawings and sketches feature blood, knives, violence or demonic symbols. 

(Brian Laundrie/Instagram)

It was previously found in the Gabby Petito investigation that Laundrie suffered from anxiety disorder but did not take his prescribed medication for the same. While the probe is still underway, Dr Guralnik shared that she believes Laundrie was the one to kill Gabby. She dubbed the 23-year-old fugitive as "extremely sociopathic or mentally ill." Referring to the couple's August 12 interaction with Moab police over domestic abuse allegations, Dr Guralnik further added, "He knew how to play with the cops, he knew how to be charming. Sociopaths are good at reading a certain aspect of their environment and creating a certain kind of ease and creating a certain vibe that helps them get away with whatever they need to get away with."

Elaborating further on Laundrie's artworks, Guralnik stated, "Many people translate difficult feelings that they have inside to violent images. Many people translate bad feelings into violent motifs. Then there can be people in the throes of various mental illnesses that can be kind of bombarded with violent images that are representations of how they feel inside."

Laundrie's Instagram page features his artworks inspired by pop culture characters like Hellboy, Fight Club, Rick & Morty, Watchmen and Hotline Miami, among others. However, his Pinterest board offers a deeper insight into his psyche as it is filled with pictures of Wiccan symbols, pagan rituals, and violent imagery.

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