Did Brian Laundrie leave suicide note? Photo of letter reads 'Please forgive me'

MEAWW has not been able to verify if this is at all Brain Laundrie’s suicide note or if where it came from

                            Did Brian Laundrie leave suicide note? Photo of letter reads 'Please forgive me'
Online, a note has been circulating that has been called Brian Laundrie's suicide letter (Instagram/Gabby Petito and Twitter)

NORTH PORT, FLORIDA: Partial human remains that belong to Brian Laundrie were found on Wednesday, October 20, in the Carlton Reserve and the adjoining Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in Sarasota County. While the attorney for Brian Laundrie's parents says an autopsy on their son's remains did not reveal a cause or manner of his death, online the theory of death by suicide seems to be spreading. Even a note he supposedly wrote has been circulating online. 

“I can confirm that the remains were being sent to an anthropologist for further evaluation,” lawyer Steve Bertolino said. He added that they were hoping for more answers from law enforcement regarding the cause of death for Laundrie.


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Bertolino said on Thursday night, October 22, that he did not know how Laundrie died. “I don't want to speculate,” he said. “I try not to do that. I would hope people would stop doing that as well, especially with respect to this case. And in respect to the cause or how Brian came to be dead, I don't know. We'll wait, if possible, for some kind of cause of death from the experts.”

Along with the remains, authorities also found some of Laundrie’s belongings, including a backpack, a notebook, a dry bag, and some clothing. Casey Jordan, a criminologist, said he believes the notebook could contain Laundrie’s suicide note as well as an explanation of the events that led to Petito’s death. “That really raises the question if indeed this is Brian Laudrie and if he died by his own hand, did he take the time out to write out a note of explanation, maybe even regret,” Jordan said. “If that notebook is there, there is a good chance there could be a note. Something that would give answers to not only police but Gabby’s family.”

“Brian Laundrie suicide note leaked. with typed text/Gabby Petito: The notebook was not wet it was with the dry bag put in the brambles. This is not a joke upload but this seems to have been leaked,” said one Twitter user, sharing two pages of a handwritten note. Another Twitter user shared the same, asking: “Is this suicide note from Brian Laundrie legit? Anyone have any samples of his penmanship?” Another asked, “Is this the note left by Brian Laundrie?”





MEAWW has not been able to verify if this is at all Brain Laundrie’s suicide note or if where it came from. The text in the images being shared says:

Mom & Dad

I just want to say that I am sorry for everything that has happened. I never intended for any of this. Gabby and I were truly in love and I would give anything for her to still be here. 

I know that no one will understand that things simply got out of control. 

The strain of our relationship was more than I could bear.

I should have known to stay home after what happened in Moab. Everything was already a disaster at that point but something made me return.

Once Gabby was gone forever I realized I was too. 

When we went camping at Fort DeSoto I wanted to tell you what really happened but I couldn’t bring myself to. 

Please forgive me for all that has happened and all that I put everyone through. I was too ashamed to tell Gabbys family what happened to her. 

I was too ashamed to tell anyone. I hope someday people can understand what really happened. Until we meet again someday I love you forever…

The letter was signed “B”.