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Internet shocked as Brian Laundrie's ex, ALSO named Gabby, pens heartbreaking tribute

Gabriella said with Brian Laundrie's death, a part of her 'heart has been ripped out' though she had earlier called him abusive
Brian Laundrie's ex Gabriella Darling has penned a tribute for him (Instagram/@bizarre_design_, Twitter)
Brian Laundrie's ex Gabriella Darling has penned a tribute for him (Instagram/@bizarre_design_, Twitter)

Brian Laundrie's alleged ex-girlfriend penned a long, heartbreaking tribute to her "#eternalflame" after the FBI identified human remains found at the Carlton Reserve, Florida, to be of the 23-year-old boyfriend of the deceased vlogger, Gabby Petito. 

“On October 21, 2021, a comparison of dental records confirmed that the human remains found at the T Mabry Carlton, Jr Memorial Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park are those of Brian Laundrie,” the statement from the authorities read. Soon after, the internet was divided, with some who held him responsible for killing Petito feeling like Laundrie got what he deserved and others empathizing with the situation that the Laundrie family was going through. One particular woman, who goes by the name Gabriella Darling on Instagram, posted an extensive post where she claimed that her "heart has been ripped out" following Laundrie's death


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Gabriella's post


Gabriella's post began with, "Hardest thing I've ever been through. Feels like a part of my heart has been ripped out, and no matter what, no one will be able to fill it. The only thing to do now, is hold those memories very close to what is left of my heart, and make something positive out of this, somehow."

She appeared to defend Laundrie in a way by presenting a different image of him. "Some people know you as a monster, I do not know that person. I know the person that I had ups and downs with, the person I shared occasional arguments over some things, and the person I eventually left for other reasons. But all in all was not a monster, I wish I could call you and ask again how you are, I wish I could wake you up... because this seems like a nightmare."

Gabriella also imagines Laundrie speaking to her in affectionate terms, saying, "Babe calm down and thing for a second, crying won't solve anything." She then proceeds to reply to Laundrie's imaginary concern by saying that she will cry and grieve him "so that I can finally heal." She also talks about the promise she made to Laundrie and says that she will try her best to get back to writing again and laugh and enjoy her life. 

"My kids give me the strength I need... I loved you then and I will love you now until the day God decides its my time to go and meet you there. Until then, my flame is eternal. #eternalflame," she said as she concluded her post.

'It's really weird they are both Gabbies'

More than her feelings for Laundrie, people were shocked to learn that the ex as well as the girlfriend that Laundrie had before his death were named Gabby. "She is also named gabbby? Weird," one of them said, while the second noted, "Yes. She's posted before & it's really weird they are both Gabbies." A third commented, "This is creepy tbh." The next remarked, "The ex was named Gabby too? Weird and where did she come from?" A person reacted with, "Her name is Gabriella?"






Gabriella called Brian 'narcissistic and abusive'

While Gabriella seemed to pour her love out for Brian in her latest post, her tone was quite different in a post she has written earlier when Brian was missing. In that post, which was dug up by social media sleuths, Gabriella called him "narcissistic and abusive" when they dated. "You deserve everything that is coming your way," the post said. "I hope you don't take the easy way out, turn yourself in and do the right thing Brian. Her family deserves closure and peace."