Brian Laundrie: 10 conspiracy theories that divided the Internet

While some believe Laundrie killed himself, some claim that his parents killed him

                            Brian Laundrie: 10 conspiracy theories that divided the Internet
The FBI has confirmed that the human remains found belonged to Laundrie (Brian Laundrie/Instagram)

The remains of Florida fugitive Brian Laundrie have been found by investigators at Carlton Reserve in Florida almost two months since he first disappeared. The FBI on October 21 confirmed that the human remains found belonged to Laundrie after dental records of the skull were used to identify the body.

With his remains discovered and identified, one of the most high-profile missing person cases, triggered by the murder of Gabby Petito, nears its end. Gabby Petito was found dead days after she went missing, and her remains were later found and her death ruled a homicide. She had been strangulated to death. The FBI manhunt and the discovery of the remains prompted various conspiracy theories surrounding the case.


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Was Brian Laundrie's death scene staged?

A massive manhunt for Laundrie which was underway solved little of the mystery, but the recent discovery came only after Brian’s parents — Chris and Roberta Laundrie — helped authorities and pointed in a particular direction. Steven Bertolino, an attorney for the Laundrie family, said in a statement: “Some articles belonging to Brian were found.” Many have speculated that the place where the young man’s remains were found was staged.

A user shared on Twitter, “it took brian laundries parents 30 mins parents to do the job that trained professionals couldn’t in do in weeks. if you still believe that his parents aren’t helping him, you’re fucked up. #BrianLaundrie.”


Alligator theories

Part of a skull was found at the Carlton Reserve. In an interview, retired NYPD commander Tom Joyce offered more insight into what exactly may have happened. "If the remains are skeletal, that means the tissue has been pulled away from the bones. Most likely by alligators, crabs, fish, and stuff like that," he told The Sun.

He said that was the most likely scenario, since "it's definitely not long enough time for it to go naturally." That, however, did not stop social media speculations. Many believe it was an alligator that killed Brian. Shortly after the FBI's statement, many alligator-themed jokes began doing the rounds. "I wanted Brian alive to face justice but if he spent his last moments on earth getting eaten alive by an alligator... That's ok too #BrianLaundrie," one user wrote.


Did Brian Laundrie kill himself?

Brian Laundrie returned from a cross-country road trip with Gabby Petito, but without his girlfriend. He refused to cooperate with police and later disappeared. His death now has social media claiming that he killed Petito, and then took his own life.

"Brian Laundrie hikes 45 minutes into the reserve. Commits suicide. It rains a ton. FBI searches for 5 weeks. Dad shows up yesterday to search reserve and finds his belongings within 30 minutes. Can this case get any more bizarre?" one user wrote on Twitter. "If Brian Laundrie committed suicide, that was too easy for him. I'd much rather believe an alligator ate him," another user wrote.



Did someone kill both Laundrie and Petito?

Many have refused to believe that Laundrie killed Petito and then himself. They have refused to believe that his parents staged a scene even as they knew their son is dead. Instead, some believe that someone else killed both Laundrie and Petito. "#BrianLaundrie If the remains are that of Brian Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve his parents will claim that the same person who killed Gabby Petito also killed their son. And they will be right," a social media user tweeted. "Y’all hear me out what if brian laundrie didn’t kill gabby? because he’s also dead and the person who kill her killed him," wrote another user.

Gabby Petito with Brian Laundrie (YouTube)



Is Brian Laundrie still alive with his parents covering up?

Some believe that Brian Laundrie is still alive, and has amputated his legs and arms for remains. "Humans can survive without arms and legs. What if Brian removed his teeth arms and legs. What if 60% of Brian is still out there?" a user wrote on Reddit.

Brian Laundrie's parents (Twitter)

Did Brian Laundrie's parents kill him?

A section of Internet sleuths seem to believe that disgusted by Laundrie's actions, his parents killed him. "I have been seeing this theory going around and its got me thinking…What if Brians parents killed him after finding out what their son had done? The only reason this makes a little sense to me is because they found his remains almost instantaneously, thats very fishy. How does the FBI and canine search teams not find anything for weeks but as soon as they open the reserve to the public, his parents go to the exact spot that his belongings and body was found?" a user wrote on Reddit.

Were Brian Laundrie's belongings really found underwater?

While some claimed that the notebook found near Laundrie's remains could contain clues to the Gabby Petito case, some said it is impossible for a notebook to remain intact underwater. However, a user on Twitter posted two images taken on October 9, in which the area where the items were found is seemingly dry, suggesting that the claims about his items being found underwater may not be true. "Not to start off this beautiful Thursday morning with a conspiracy theory but these two pictures were taken on 10/9. This is the access road and a view from under the access road just south of where partial remains were found yesterday. It was as dry as a bone. #BrianLaundrie," the user wrote.


Brian Laundrie's parents "pulled out some teeth"

Some have claimed that Brian Laundrie's parents have somehow manipulated the FBI. In a bizarre claim, a user on Reddit said that Laundrie is still alive and maybe his parents pulled out his teeth for dental records. "He’s not actually dead. Maybe his parents pulled out some teeth for him," the user wrote. 

Parents and friends helped Laundrie with "pills and booze"

A Reddit user claimed that Laundrie's parents, and maybe a friend, knew his plans and helped him. "His parents and maybe a friend knew his plans and probably helped him get the pills & booze to overdose with," the user wrote.

Dog the Bounty Hunter killed Brian Laundrie

Social media users have claimed that Dog the Bounty Hunter killed Brian Laundrie. "Dog the Bounty Hunter found him. There was a struggle, Dog killed him, and then covered it up," a Reddit user wrote. Dog assisted the FBI in the manhunt for Laundrie, until his remains were found. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter (@duandogchampan/Instagram)