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'The Bradshaw Bunch' Season 2: Terry Bradshaw claims his 'grandfather clock' is ticking

Between babies and starting businesses, the Bradshaw are always up to something!
Terry Bradshaw in 'The Bradshaw Bunch' (Youtube / E! Entertainment)
Terry Bradshaw in 'The Bradshaw Bunch' (Youtube / E! Entertainment)

Crazy antics, new business ideas and babies is what you can expect from Season 2 of 'The Bradshaw Bunch'. But, the Bradshaw family knows one thing for sure, how to keep things light and fun, no matter the situation. In Episode 2, fans see Terry comes to the aid of his daughter Rachel and granddaughter Zurie, as he helps them get business savvy. Meanwhile, he hopes to be a granddad again, with all eyes on his daughter, Erin.

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With Zurie catching in on the slime craze, she is quick to get to work to whip up a batch of her own. Seeing that Terry and Zurie are close, they start a fun little business venture together, with Terry declaring that Zurie is the brains and the creative force. They even set up a little stall, with Terry giving his grandaughter advice, as they manage to market and sell their product. Zurie, much like her grandfather, is a natural. It turns out, Zurie isn't the only one testing her business acumen, as Rachel also spends time with her father discussing her new venture. Having had a singing career and worked in real estate, she is currently looking for a new role that better suits her. She mentions to Terry that she wants to become a partner with HOTWORX, a heated yoga studio. Rachel has endured a long battle with scoliosis and, ever since her surgery, has struggled to find a workout regimen that suits her body.

However, when she found HOTWORX, it proved to be a match made in heaven. Seeing that she was passionate about it, she eventually reached out to the brand regarding becoming their brand ambassador. Terry was quick to give her valuable tips, seeing that he's no stranger to being a brand ambassador, or as he calls it, a spokesperson. He even shows her how to make an intro video, complete with a script he put together on the spot, seeing that he is totally natural. To show her father what her new venture was all about, Rachel took Terry to a HOTWORX class. Although a former NFL player, it clearly wasn't for him; the father-daughter duo bond over Terry's antics. 


This episode also saw Terry ask Erin, his youngest daughter, about having kids. Erin and her husband Scott mentioned that they are trying; Terry joked that his biological grandfather clock is running out of time. He's excited to be a grandfather again and even went as far as to get Erin some oysters, seeing that he heard they were an aphrodisiac. Hilarity ensued as Erin refused to have them, leaving Terry stuck with a bunch of oysters that no one wanted. It looks like he's just going to have to wait patiently to be a grandfather again! 

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