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Internet tells Boy George to 'grow up' after he questions Kim Kardashian's silence on Kanye West

'I'm appalled that Kim Kardashian hasn't come out and added her voice to this debate,' the 61-year-old singer said
UPDATED OCT 24, 2022
Boy George (L) lashed out at Kim Kardashian (R) over Kanye West (C) (Stuart. C.Wilson/ Getty Images, KimKardashian/ Instagram, Victor Boyko/ Getty Images)
Boy George (L) lashed out at Kim Kardashian (R) over Kanye West (C) (Stuart. C.Wilson/ Getty Images, KimKardashian/ Instagram, Victor Boyko/ Getty Images)

LONDON, UK: Boy George lashed out at social media mogul Kim Kardashian over not raising her voice against Kanye West's antisemitic posts. In a recent video, the singer was seen in tears as he expressed his disappointment over Kim's behavior.

The 61-year-old claimed in the video, "I'm kind of appalled that not more artists have come out and spoken against what he's saying." He then added, "I'm appalled that Kim Kardashian hasn't come out and added her voice to this debate because this woman has children with Kanye, so she must understand as a mother what it feels like for little Jewish children to hear these f*****g comments, how demoralizing and terrifying it must be."


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The singer then stated,  "As a gay man I have experienced years of prejudice, you know, so the idea of doing that to someone else based on their race or their color or their sexuality or their gender is just f*****g appalling to me, and it should be appalling to you."


Kanye created controversy after he came up with a series of antisemitic remarks, which resulted in him getting locked out of Twitter and Instagram. The controversial comments also cost him his partnership with Adidas, which used to manufacture Yeezy footwear, reports DailyMail. Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel also spoke up against Kanye in his recent op-ed with Financial Times, where he said, "Apple and Spotify, which host West's music, whoever organizes West's tours, and Adidas, which collaborates with West on his fashion line, should all stop working with him." Emmanuel then claimed, "Silence is dangerous; it allows forms of hatred and racism, including anti-Semitism, to spread and become normalized. It coarsens and degrades our society and country." Kanye is also dealing with other legal battles where George Floyd's family sued him for his bizarre statement in a podcast where he mentioned that Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose. 

Kanye West attends the
Kanye West (Jason Davis/Getty Images for DailyWire+)

The statement from George came out at a time when Kanye hired Camille Vasquez - the attorney who defended Johnny Depp during his defamation trial - to represent his business interests including deals and contracts following the controversies surrounding his anti-semitic remarks. However, it is still unclear in what capacity Vasquez can assist the rapper.

Kim, on the other hand, has chosen to remain silent on Kanye's controversial remarks. The TV personality filed for divorce in 2021, after 6 years of marriage. The ex-couple, who started dating in 2011, welcomed their first child, North, in 2013 and later welcomed 3 more children - Saint, Chicago, and Psalm - into their lives. As per reports, Kanye has finally agreed to settle the divorce. In fact, amid the backlash, the rapper recently gave an interview to Piers Morgan, where he also talked about his ex-wife Kim and how he would always protect her. "I may be divorced on paper, but I'm not divorced from the idea of being the protector," he said.


'Welcome to the patriarchy'

Meanwhile, internet was quick to react to Boy George's comment. A user said, "Why is Boy George commenting on the Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, reality TV freakshow?." Another commented, "Tearfully! Non of his business!." A tweet read, "Hold up. Why is Boy George blaming Kim Kardashian for Kanye West's actions? Misogyny? Ignorance?." Another person claimed, "Didn’t Boy George actually kidnap someone? Maybe stfu?." Later, a user said, "time for George to transition to grownup."

Another tweet read, "She is about to enter a high profile divorce with a powerful abusive bigot. I can imagine she is not saying anything or it will put her kids and her custody of her kids at risk. I give her a pass." Another user stated, "She is his ex-wife. She has no duty in relation to him." A tweet also stated, "Kim call him out on it!." Another tweet claimed, "Man blames woman for her ex husband’s behaviour. Welcome to the patriarchy. #waronwomen."










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