Is Boosie Badazz OK? 1 injured in shooting at 'Clutchin' video recording in Alabama

Is Boosie Badazz OK? 1 injured in shooting at 'Clutchin' video recording in Alabama
Boosie Badazz was scheduled to perform at Hideaway 2.0 in Huntsville on May 29, 2021 (Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET)

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA: Shots were allegedly fired while Boosie Badazz and Dee Rogers’ were recording a video on Saturday, May 29, leaving one person in critical condition as emergency medical services arrived. 

Boosie reportedly left the incident that occurred in Huntsville, Alabama unharmed. A purported video from the shoot shows Boosie being surrounded by men holding weapons and grooving as they rap lyrics to “Clutchin’” when a gunfire begins to ring out. The video immediately cuts off after the sound of the bullet. According to a report by TMZ, police interrogated several witnesses, since there were around 100 people outside when the incident happened. DJ Akademiks shared a video from the incident on Twitter and said, "BREAKING: Allegedly a shootout occurred today when #boosie when shooting a music video with a new artist in Huntsville, Alabama . Reportedly one person is dead. Boosie was unharmed." 



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In November of last year, Boosie got two surgeries done to remove the fragments of bullets from his foot from a shooting that occurred and had some screws put in while it healed. There were rumors at that time that he might need to have a leg amputated, but they were quickly debunked. According to Boosie's Instagram stories, he was scheduled to perform at Hideaway 2.0 in Huntsville on May 29, 2021. 

The Huntsville police department said shots were fired around at around 4:30 pm on Saturday, May 29, and when they arrived on the scene, they saw around 100 people making a run for it. It was also revealed that one man who was in 20s was found laying down on the ground with a gunshot wound and was in critical condition at that time.

As soon as Boosie's fans came to know about the incident, his name started trending on Twitter. One person said, "boosie done escaped death so many times he probably feels invincible. i wouldn’t be surprised if he was doing 125mph on the freeway and letting his left foot hang out the window right damn na!" Another one said, "Boosie’s video shoot in Alabama got shot up today, leaving one man seriously injured smh. Boosie is all good but was shot in Dallas back in November. I have more info on @HipHopVibe1."



Another one wrote, "I don’t understand why every time Boosie come to Huntsville and show love, y’all choose to act ignorant and start shooting." While one person slammed Boosie and said, "whenever i see something bad happen to boosie i gasp and then remember how he bullied zaya wade with a series of transphobic tirades."



While somebody made a theory and said, "Yo someone is definitely after Boosie. Everytime he show up somewhere someone shooting. Smh." Another one said, "Huntsville is a very dangerous gang affiliated area. So it was pretty stupid to shoot a music video in that area and its not surprising shots got fired one thing for sure it wasnt intended for Boosie but for that new rapper and his entourage"



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