Boosie Badazz: Controversial rapper faced drug, murder charges before buying oral sex for minor son

Rapper Boosie Badazz's violent past pales in comparison to his bad parenting techniques

                            Boosie Badazz: Controversial rapper faced drug, murder charges before buying oral sex for minor son
Boosie Badazz (Getty Images)

Rapper Boosie's recent Instagram Live video left many people startled at his parenting style. In the live video, the rapper claimed that he paid a 'grown woman' to perform oral sex on his underage son and nephews. The rapper seemed rather proud of his actions, despite the backlash he received from fans everywhere for essentially paying for his son's sexual assault. He defended his actions saying 'I am training these boys right'. Well, if you thought that was the worst thing, the Louisana based rapper ever did, then you might want to change your mind.

Aside from paying for his son and nephews' sexual assaults, the rapper has quite a dark past. The rapper was caught multiple times with possession of illegal substances. In 2008, he was caught with marijuana in his car. He was once again caught in 2009, on the same charges, following which he was sentenced to two years in prison. When the judge found out that the rapper violated his terms of probation, he doubled the sentence.

In 2010, the 37-year-old rapper found himself in the midst of a murder trial. Alongside charges or murdering a person named Terry Boyd, the rapper was also charged with possession of narcotics with intent to distribute them. The rapper pleaded guilty for drug charges and not-guilty for murder charges. He would have been up for death sentence had he been found guilty of murdering  Boyd. Luckily, the rapper was found to be not guilty and was acquitted of the murder charges in 2012. His legal woes continued following him, thanks to his constantly mounting drug charges. He finally completed his parole in 2018. 

Boosie Badazz (L) and his son attend the BET Hip Hop Awards 2019 at Cobb Energy Center on October 05, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The rapper made headlines recently when he got into a feud with his former best friend Webbie. When Webbie tried suggesting that he paid money to Boosie's mother when he was in jail, the rapper squashed Webbie's claims. The rapper set the record straight by revealing that his mother never got a dime from Webbie, despite him organizing several 'free Boosie' concerts across the country. The rapper further damaged his former best friend's reputation by revealing how difficult Webbie was to work with. 

Boosie frequently lands in trouble due to his loud mouth. Earlier this year, in February, the rapper was subject to a lot of harsh criticism after he made some snide comments about Dwayne Wade's daughter coming out as transgender. His comments were interpreted as transphobic, and many celebrities, including Jay Z, tried persuading Boosie to apologize to Wade for his transphobic and insensitive comments. When Wade extended support to his 12-year-old daughter Zaya, after she came out, Boosie ruined the moment with his crass remarks. Boosie said, "Don’t cut his d--k off, bruh. Like, bruh, for real, if he gonna be gay, let him be gay. But don’t cut his d--k off, bruh. Don’t dress him as a woman, dawg. He’s 12 years old. He’s not up there yet. He hasn’t made his final decisions yet. Don’t cut his f---ing d--k off, Dwyane Wade."

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