'Body Parts': Victoria Mugo praises Allison, calls her new prosthetics a 'victory'

'Body Parts': Victoria Mugo praises Allison, calls her new prosthetics a 'victory'
Victoria Mugo on 'Body Parts' (TLC)

Losing a body part is never easy for a person. However, Anaplastologist Allison Vest helps people feel like themselves again -- through realistic prosthetics on 'Body Parts'. As per the synopsis of the series -- "Anaplastologist Allison Vest creates amazing, lifelike prosthetics for patients who have missing or deformed body parts. Taking on unique and extreme cases, Allison melds medicine and artistry to help her patients both functionally and psychologically."

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Victoria Mugo was a healthy 38-year-old woman and a mother of a young son named Zander back in 2019. However, she suffered from pneumonia during this time, which led to septic shock. She was rushed to the ER and went into septic shock. She was put in a coma and on life support to save her life. While she made a full recovery, she lost her hands and legs in the process, making her a quadruple amputee. For Victoria, getting her leg prosthetics gave her a lot of freedom. But when it came to hand prosthetics, she noted that it felt like 'baggage.' She wanted something easier to use and made her son feel comfortable. She was aware of how her being an amputee affected him, especially when she went to drop him up and pick him up from school, as children often tended to stare.



Victoria visited Allison with the hope of getting new hand prosthetics. Allison was more than happy to help, noting that she was in the presence of a 'badass', seeing that Victoria had not let being an amputee stop her from living her life -- she was even doing push-ups and staying healthy! For Allison, the challenge was not only that hands are one of the most extensive prosthetics, but she also had to nail the colour so that it looked natural.

When it finally came to delivery day, Victoria was shocked to see that her prosthetics looked so much better than what she had imagined. After having them fitted on, Victoria was all smiles, seeing that she left as though she finally saw herself and even called this a 'victory'. When it came to showing her best friend and Zander her prosthetics, they both were excited, with Zander unable to keep his hands off his mother's new hands. He also thanked and hugged Allison for helping his mom, which made her emotional. Victoria was all set to live her life with her new set of hands, with a renewed sense of hope.

Catch 'Body Parts' on TLC on Wednesdays at 10pm ET/PT.

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