'Bling Empire' Season 2: Anna asks Kevin about his 'b*lls' for agreeing to take Kim's lie detector test

And while Kevin passed with flying colours, it looks Kim was the one stringing him along!

                            'Bling Empire' Season 2: Anna asks Kevin about his 'b*lls' for agreeing to take Kim's lie detector test
Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee in 'Bling Empire' (Netflix)

Romance, drama and gossip is the name of the game when it comes to 'Bling Empire' Season 2. With a whole new set of rumours starting up beef, everyone has a bone to pick with someone or the other. Thankfully, admit the chaos, the cast can trust that their friends will have their back -- or do they?

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In Kevin's relentless pursuit of Kim, he's made it known that he is willing to take things as slow as she wants, seeing that he feels strongly about her and sees himself as a changed man. However, Kim certainly has her own issues, the biggest one being trust, as she believes that she can't trust Kevin just yet. Her solution? A lie detector test, of course. While Kevin found the idea ridiculous, he decided to go along with it, seeing that Kim meant a lot to him. Caught up in his thoughts, Kevin visited Anna and told him about Kim's demands. Anna and Jamie wasted no time in pointing out that this was ridiculous.

Jamie noted that relationships are built on trust, and if she asked him to do something like this so early on, it would become a recurring situation. Anna asked him if Kim was the only girl in the world, and seeing that she wasn't, she asked Kevin "where's his balls", noting that he should say no. In her confessionals, Anna also mentioned that Kim plays games, and as a mother, she saw right through it. Although Kevin did have people on his side, he went ahead with the lie detector test anyway, answering all of Kim's questions truthfully, admitting that he had not hooked up with anyone after their trip and has strong feelings for her.


Kevin passed with flying colors, but when it came to Kim, she didn't do so well. It turns out, that the test proved that Kim still had feelings for her ex and, at the same time, was not interested in dating Kevin. The whole ordeal left Kevin upset, with Kim calling him out about his anger issues, to which he responded it was either him being angry or crying. Kim seemed to have little to no remorse over the situation, while Kevin was truly hurt over all that went down. Relationship aside, it looks like their friendship won't be making a comeback after this. Yikes. 

'Bling Empire' Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. 

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