'Bling Empire' Season 2: Anna and Christine team up to confront Kane over his gossiping

Anna noted that 'gossip is no different than betrayal' and it looks like Kane might want to watch his back

                            'Bling Empire' Season 2: Anna and Christine team up to confront Kane over his gossiping
Anna Shay, Christine Chiu in 'Bling Empire' (Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022)

If you've been a long-time fan of 'Bling Empire', then you know that Christine Chiu and Anna Shay have it out for each other. Unfortunately, regardless of who extends the olive branch, they somehow manage to go back to square one, with both the women being unable to see eye to eye.

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Season 2 was no different for Anna and Christine, and while it began with the intention to smooth things over, it quickly went south as well when Christine went over to Anna's house. It was undoubtedly hard for her, seeing that she had lost her mother the year before and recently heard some unsettling news. So when Kane visited her, Christine broke down in front of him and spoke about her mother's death. While Kane confronted her, she went on to talk about how there was talk about Anna claiming she was out to get Christine, which triggered her even further, seeing that her mother's last words to her were that she would always protect her.

Christine was also worried that Baby G would be in harm's way and was distraught over the whole ordeal. She believed she had plenty of reason to worry, seeing that the source that gave her the information knew both her and Anna, but she didn't want to reveal her name and throw her under the bus. Kane was comforting towards Christine for the most part but believed she was overreacting to the whole Anna situation. He later spoke about it to Kim and Kelly, and he and Kim decided to go clear the air with Anna. Anna found the issue trivial and slammed Christine, while Kane and Kim agreed with her entirely.


However, when Christine later confronted Kane about going to Anna, he didn't have much to say in his defense. This promoted her to take up the issue of the rumor with Anna herself. Christine and Anna argued endlessly but quickly realized the problem — Christine had told Kane about the rumor in confidence during a vulnerable moment. She refused to take the source's name because she didn't want an issue. However, due to Kane's gossiping, the news ultimately reached Anna. 

Both women realized that Kane was the one causing the drama, with Anna stating that "gossip is no different than betrayal" and that she was over his "f--king bullsh-t". Both women agreed that maybe it was time to confront him and his actions. 

'Bling Empire' Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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