‘Bling Empire’ Season 2: 5 things you need to know about Netflix's popular reality series

‘Bling Empire’ Season 2: 5 things you need to know about Netflix's popular reality series
A still from 'Bling Empire' Season 2 (Netflix)

Netflix has revealed the release date for Season 2 of their popular reality TV series 'Bling Empire'. 'Bling Empire' premiered in January 2021 and followed a cast of wealthy East Asian and East Asian-American socialites in Los Angeles as they traverse parties, drama, and their everyday lives. The series was renewed for a second season in March 2021, only a few months after its premiere.


The second season will premiere on Netflix on May 13, 2022, and promises to have "even more luxury, glamor and crazy" than the first. The upcoming series will consist of eight episodes, each running for 40 minutes and will be available to stream on Netflix.

When the series premiered in January last year, one of the show's most glamorous stars, Anna Shay, already welcomed the prospect of a second season: "If there is going to be a second season, I would still end up being me because I don't know what else to do. Besides, it's reality. You have to keep it real," she said.


Here’s what we know about the new season so far.


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When does 'Bling Empire' Season 2 release and where can you watch it ?

The popular series' second season will premiere on Netflix on May 13, 2022.

Who stars in the 'Bling Empire' Season 2 series?

Christine Chiu, Kevin Kreider, Kelly Mi Li, Kim Lee, Kane Lim, and Gabriel Chiu are expected to return for the new season. Netflix also announced new cast members of 'Bling Empire' including Dorothy Wang, a former star on E! Entertainment's reality television show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and philanthropist Mimi Morris.


What is 'Bling Empire' Season 2 all about?

The official synopsis of the new season is: Los Angeles’s beloved uber-rich Asians are back with even more luxury, glamor, and crazy. This season, a romance between Kevin and Kim percolates, Cherie and Jessey’s relationship is questioned, and as Kane and Kevin’s best bud friendship is tested, Beverly Hills’s rivaling queens, Christine and Anna, put a new twist on the art of social warfare. But through it all, the one thing these friends hold dearest to their hearts is their love for each other…and of course, impeccable style.



As well as starring in the series, Mi Li and Chiu also act as executive producers on the show alongside Jeff Jenkins, Brandon Panaligan, Ross Weintraub, Elise Chung, and Ben Eisele. The series is produced by Jeff Jenkins Productions.


The trailer for the new season hasn't been released yet. Stay tuned in this space for more updates of 'Bling Empire' Season 2.


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