Christine Chiu and Anna Shay: Who is richer? Sneak peek into 'Bling Empire' stars' massive net worth and rivalry

Christine Chiu and Anna Shay: Who is richer? Sneak peek into 'Bling Empire' stars' massive net worth and rivalry
Christine Chiu and Anna Shay appear on 'Bling Empire' (Instagram/@christine_chiu88 and @annashay93)

Dripping with diamonds, designer dresses, and lots of drama, Netflix’s new series 'Bling Empire' that premiered on January 15, 2021, follows a clique of insanely rich Asians and Asian Americans in Los Angeles as they try to one-up each other through extravagant living, spending and partying. But the rivalry between two multi-millionaires Christine Chiu and Anna Shay is surely catching fans' attention.

Anna Shay and Chistine Chiu (Netflix)

Even while both the Asian women were loved by the fans, their "b*****ness" towards each other surely made them the "diamond" rivalry queens of the show. Let's have a look at how much are these two hot 'Crazy Rich Asians' worth.

What is Christine Chiu's net worth?

Christine Chiu (Netflix)

Christine Alexandra Chiu is the 'Bling Empire' star who stole the show with her extravagant dressing style. From wearing the top-notch labels to taking care of her family, this woman has set some major diva goals. She has an established public profile, having previously made headlines for her extravagant parties and her Armani-hosted baby shower.


Born in Taiwan, Christine attended university in California and began working in beauty industry PR before becoming a managing partner for her husband’s luxury 'Beverly Hills medispa'. The couple that brings in the big bucks together, stays together! Christine and Dr. Gabriel Chiu have been married for almost 15 years. They’re not just life partners; they’re also professional ones! Christine (who’s also a Taiwanese heiress) works as the managing director of the Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinic owned by her husband (who’s also a descendent of China’s Song Dynasty). Combined, they’re believed to be worth a cool $80 million.

Her Instagram account captures her lavish lifestyle, family and friends. Here are Christine Chiu's top Insta clicks:






What is Anna Shay's net worth?

Anna Shay (Instagram: @annashay93)

The 60-year-old socialite, Anna Shay, inherited her fortune from her late father, Edward Shay, who founded the defense-contracting firm Pacific Architects and Engineers in 1955 (Or, as co-star Kane Lim put it on the show, “Her money comes from weapons.”). Anna's mother was an aristocrat in Japan. When Anna and her brother, Allen Shay, decided to sell the company to Lockheed Martin in 2006, they each reportedly pocketed $600 million, which means that they sealed the deal at $1.2 billion. She’s said that her father never wanted her to work a day in her life, and it seems she hasn’t, although she has served on the boards of some charities. Anna Shay's net worth is $600 million.

Anna Shay (Netflix)

Anna's Instagram profile is full of pictures from her exotic vacations, lavish restaurants and some adorable snaps with friends and family. She has also posted some really hot pictures, paired with diamond jewels. Let's have a look at her best pictures:






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