BLACKPINK's Rosé does Cardi B's WAP Challenge to celebrate 10M TikTok followers, Internet calls it 'obscene'

The K-pop star had promised a fan that she would do the challenge if she reached 10 million followers, and she stayed true to her words

                            BLACKPINK's Rosé does Cardi B's WAP Challenge to celebrate 10M TikTok followers, Internet calls it 'obscene'
Rosé did Cardi B's WAP challenge on TikTok after she promised fans (Tiktok/Getty Images)

BLACKPINK member Rosé found a fun way to celebrate reaching 10 million followers on TikTok. The K-pop star who released solo album '-R-' recently was clearly in high spirits as she posted a fun video - a version of rapper Cardi B's WAP challenge. Fans of the BLACKPINK member couldn't help but be impressed by the star's version. However, there were many who trolled the singer.

She was dressed comfortably in sweatpants and shirts and pigtails as she did the challenge. One user on allkpop discussion board wrote, "Stick figure, go figure out how to cursive... you need to curves, yo." Another wrote, "What microsoft font is this parallelogram creature, isn't it just verdana?" Not only is the star receiving negative comments about her body, and is being body-shamed, many also are calling the challenge "obscene".


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One user commented, "The song is wrong. The text is obscene." Another user, however, came to the defense of Rosé and said, "Why is it wrong? Women can’t release music about sex or.... Male rappers have been releasing shit like that for years, suddenly when two women do it it’s obscene lol please. I don’t even care I love that song."

Singer Rose of Blackpink attends the Mulberry A/W 18 event at K museum on September 6, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.

One troll claimed that YG Entertainment was deleting comments and said, "They deleting comments now? yg bots working extra hard.. this girl is pure flaming garbage. Worst voice ever." To this a fan responded, "The confidence u have is funny honey I’m sorry but accept in million years u will never have as much as fans she does.Well haters maybe since u seem like shady person." This comments section soon turned into a war zone with name-calling and ugly comments. 

When Rosé had launched a TikTok mini-series, 'Pajama News', she had received a lot of wishes and one of her fans then had asked her to do the WAP challenge. This fan had commented on TikTok, “Do the WAP bestie.” This comment had received 50,000 views and Rosé had replied to the comment then and said, "Maaaayybeee if I reach 10M." Turns out, she hadn't forgotten it after all and so she posted the video. 

In this image released on March 14, Cardi B performs onstage during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California and broadcast on March 14, 2021.

When the comments were exchanged between her and her fan, she was about 50,000 short of 10 million followers. Considering the pop star's popularity, it did not take too long for her to reach 10 million followers. One fan wrote, "Ya’ll just made a church girl do the wap on Easter but this cutest wap dance cover though."

Another commented, "The cutest thing ever and just like that... i can't take my eyes off looking at church girl #r dancing to a sexy song on #Easter. thank you for this simple gift that brings a lot of joy before the manic of MONDAY comes. #WAPSÉ@BLACKPINK." Another user wrote, "OMG that was higher than bruce lee helpppp #ROSÉ #로제."




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