Blackpink 'Ready for Love': Release date, where to listen and all about PUBG OST

Blackpink 'Ready for Love': Release date, where to listen and all about PUBG OST
Blackpink is dropping a new song and music video for their collaboration with PUBG (@BLACKPINK, @PUBGMOBILE/Twitter)

The rising influence of K-pop in almost every field is evident from GOT7 members being roped into headlining sports events to Astro’s Eunwoo being in talks of leading a Hollywood movie. We have also had members of Blackpink, aespa, KARD, Pentagon and more becoming runway models and global brand ambassadors. And now even video games are being inspired by K-pop from the BTS-themed Free Fire to Blackpink’s Animal Crossing version. Well, Blackpink is also collaborating with PUBG for the second time to release an OST and themed version of the game.

The battle royale mobile game PUBG first teamed with Blackpink in 2020 for a themed version for Blink (Blackpink’s fandom) gamers. They have now resumed their partnership as we are getting another Blackpink-themed version of the game along with a virtual concert and special OST. Fans were ecstatic when PUBG revealed that they would be hosting their first virtual Blackpink concert with ‘The Virtual’ which fans could watch by simply downloading the game. We are also getting ‘Ready for Love’, the OST that Blackpink has sung for PUBG.

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Release date and time

Blackpink’s 'Ready for Love' will be released on July 29 at 12 am ET (1 pm KST).


Where to listen

Beta testers can already listen to a snippet of the song on the mobile video game PUBG. It will also be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

Music video

On July 25, it was also announced that the special OST would have a music video. The music video for ‘Ready for Love’ will also be released on July 29 at 12 am ET (1 pm KST). Fans think that the music video will be animated as seen with ‘The Virtual’ concert where we got 3D avatars of the Blackpink members performing their songs in PUBG.



About the special track

‘Ready for Love’ was introduced to Blinks back in 2020 when it was supposed to be part of Blackpink’s first studio album ‘The Album’ but it was never released. Beta testers could first hear Rosé’s voice in the snippet of the track that was played in the background of PUBG. It was later confirmed by YG Entertainment that the track was indeed ‘Ready for Love’.


It was first played for fans in Blackpink's Netflix documentary 'Blackpink: Light Up The Sky'. 'Ready for Love' is a pop song with a catchy rhythm and piano sounds meshed with a heavy beat drop. The girls sing about not giving up and achieving their dreams with the help of their loved ones. Along with ‘The Virtual’ concert and OST, players will also get a chance to collect voice packs, game items and custom suits worn by Blackpink’s avatars for the concert till August 31.


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