Blackpink Lisa's biker girl look for 'Lalisa' teaser is a 'dream come true' for fans

Lisa drops more teasers and concept photos as she becomes a biker girl for her new release

                            Blackpink Lisa's biker girl look for 'Lalisa' teaser is a 'dream come true' for fans
Blackpink's Lisa drops concept photos for her new album, 'Lalisa' (@BLACKPINK/Twitter)

Lisa is coming and Blinks can’t wait for it. As Lisa’s solo debut is all set to release her first-ever solo album, fans are excited for all the new updates she has for them. Lisa had been quite tight-lipped about the entire process of her solo project but from the time it was announced, Lisa’s has been one of the most pre-ordered albums from a female solo artist over time.

After announcing her album and the album title poster, Lisa has released a lot of concept photos over the weekend. On August 30 the pre-save link for the album, ‘Lalisa’ was released. Fans will be able to save the album before its release. Soon after that on August 31, the second official visual teaser for the album was dropped. In the teaser, Lisa is seen wearing black shining pants, a black sleeveless graphic tee, and has long black hair with her signature bangs.

Then on September 1, the live countdown to Lisa’s album was announced. The live countdown will take place on VLive with Lisa one hour before the album’s official release. The countdown is scheduled for September 10, 12 pm KST (September 9, 11 pm ET)


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Lisa drops a lyric poster for her new album, 'Lalisa' (@BLACKPINK/Twitter)

More teasers

On August 2, fans were bewildered by the third teaser for Lisa’s solo album. In the teaser, Lisa is first seen kneeling on a white floor holding onto what seems like a chain. Soon after, there is a shadow floating over water only to zoom out into Lisa as she hangs on one foot on the same chain.


To promote her first solo release, Lisa will also appear on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ on September 10 after the official release of her album to perform, ‘Lalisa’  her solo single for the first time.


Tracklist and Promotion

On September 4, the first lyric poster for her album was released where there was a picture of a sports bike in spot-light with the caption, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ which seems like a tribute to Tom Hanks, Leonardo di Caprio movie. On September 6, the tracklist for her first solo single album was announced. The single album will have two songs. The titles of the songs are ‘Lalisa’ and ‘Money’. Not only that, the album includes the instrumental versions of both the songs, making the actual total of the song count on the album four.

The title track of the album, ‘Lalisa’ has lyrics by Teddy and Bekhuh Boom while the song is produced by YG Entertainment’s Black Label producer Teddy and 24 and Bekuh Boom. The song is arranged by 24. The second track on the album, ‘Money’ has lyrics by Bekuh Boom and Vince. The production of ‘Money’ is done by 24, Bekuh Boom, R.Tee, and Vince while 24 and R.Tee arranged the track.

YG Entertainment stated, “Both the title track and the b-side are both hip-hop genres with dynamic rhythms, melodies, and tough rap. The time has come for Lisa’s challenges and capabilities to shine.” In the tracklist poster, Lisa can be seen wearing a helmet as her left eye stares down the camera and a mole under her eye is visible. Lisa’s first solo single will release on September 10 at 1 pm KST (12 am EST.)

Blackpink's Lisa drops a tracklist for her new album, 'Lalisa' (@BLACKPINK/Twitter)

Biker Lisa

Fans are very excited to see Lisa as a biker girl. One fan said, “All this info about Lalisa and Money makes me so nervous and anxious and excited about her songs I REALLY CANT WAIT, IDK WHAT TO EXPECT I JUST KNOW LISA IS REALLY TO KILL US ALL.” Some said: "My Lisa biker girl dream is coming true".

Another fan said, “Lalisa having two songs, two dance practice, a dance break for a bside.. i used to pray for times like this.” One fan said, “BIKER LISA. SO MANY THOUGHTS.” One more fan said, “It makes sense now, biker lisa is gonna be hot.” while one said, “No cause we are for sure getting biker Lisa omg am so excited.”











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