Jaime King and Kyle Newman: 13 years of loved-up BFFs to restraining orders, here's how it all went wrong

Jaime King and Kyle Newman: 13 years of loved-up BFFs to restraining orders, here's how it all went wrong
Kyle Newman and Jaime King (Getty Images)

Jaime King and Kyle Newman have decided to call it quits on their relationship. Apart from filing divorce from her soon to be ex-husband Newman, the 41-year-old actress has also filed for a "domestic violence prevention petition" against him, according to Cosmopolitan. The speculations surrounding their separation started swirling the internet after the ‘Black Summer’ actress was spotted in Los Angeles without her wedding ring. Meanwhile, Newman is reported to be spending time with their two sons in the family’s Pennsylvania farm. He even shared a picture of the trio on Instagram and wrote, “Triple Scoop. First dip of the season.”

The actress even filed an emergency motion seeking child custody, which was "denied without prejudice". Needless to say, King and Newman's relationship couldn't have gotten uglier — embroiled in issues dragging each other to court and fighting over their two children. But in their marriage of 13 years, the couple went through a lot, and at one point, the ‘Hart of Dixie’ actress even believed that her now estranged husband was her "favorite human" on earth. 

They first met on the sets of Newman’s 2005 film ‘Fanboys’. Describing her experience of the same, King told InStyle Wedding, "I had a very strict work ethic. Actors can get lost in the idea of a beautiful relationship, not me. I continually focused on my scenes. Six months later when we met again, it was as if I’d never seen him before. It was love at first sight. Our destiny." They tied the knot in 2007. Although they found the perfect partner in each other and King said the duo shared an intense relationship, they went through quite a rough patch when the actress had five miscarriages while trying to conceive their first child. After five rounds of failed IVF, King naturally conceived her first son James Knight in 2013 and welcomed her second son Leo Knight four years ago. 

In one of her conversations with US Weekly from 2018, the actress had stated, "Ultimately, my husband is my best friend and at the same time my lover, the father of my children, my favorite human in the whole world. And so when you come from a place of fullness, then you’re sharing from a place that’s really sexy and fun and free." She even noted that they had figured how to be spontaneous in their marriage, which helped them grow as individuals, a tendency which many long-term relationships lack.

However, neither Jaime or Newman has commented on their recent split. 

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