The CW confirms 'Black Lightning' will make a comeback in Season 4 and fans are over the moon

While fans are overjoyed that the Pierces are returning, they are also hopeful that Chantal Thuy, who plays Grace Choi, is made a regular on the show

                            The CW confirms 'Black Lightning' will make a comeback in Season 4 and fans are over the moon
Cress Williams as Black Lightning (Josh Stringer/The CW)

The CW has renewed 13 shows for the 2020-21 season and 'Black Lightning' is one of the projects that will make a comeback, much to the joy of the series' dedicated fanbase.

Celebrations have already begun and fans are taking to Twitter to both congratulate the people working on the series and speculate about what the future might look like for Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning (Cress Williams) and his superpowered family. Here's what some of them had to say:

"I totally LOVE that all these amazing DC series are all renewed for future seasons!" One fan tweeted. "I LOVE 'Legends Of Tomorrow', 'Supergirl', 'Batwoman', 'The Flash', and 'Black Lightning'. I am going to miss 'Arrow' though."

"I don't like or care for the vast majority of the DCW content (Black Lightning being the exception.... great show)," another user wrote. "But that ain’t stopping them from making about $1 BILLION every year in revenue. That’s crazy!" said another fan.

"Congratulations!!! They have the perfect cast for the show," a fan tweeted, adding that "it always leaves us wanting more."

While we're all happy to know that the Pierces are returning to the screens, fans are still hoping for an announcement making Chantal Thuy, who plays Grace Choi on the show, a series regular. Grace's adorable relationship with Nafessa Williams' Anissa Pierce / Thunder is after all one of the main reasons for the show's popularity.


"CW better stop playing and give Chantal that series regular contract for Grace Choi before she leaves us for broadway sksksks," one fan tweeted while another wrote, "I wanna see more grace and Anissa in black lightning season 4, here's hoping for more of my beautiful gays!!!!!!"

Of course, there's still a lot of speculation going on about the fate of the Arrowverse post-'Crisis on Infinite Earths'.

If things go according to the comics, the event could lead to all the parallel universes of the Arrowverse being folded into one Earth and considering the excellent chemistry between Jefferson and The Flash / Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) during the crossover, maybe that wouldn't be the worst idea.

"This has been a good season, and overall a solid show," a fan wrote and added, "I’m curious to see how Black Lightning and Supergirl will get folded into the world of Flash and LOT."

The shows that have been renewed are 'Batwoman' and 'Nancy Drew', along with 'All American' for Season 3, 'Black Lightning' for Season 4, 'Charmed' for Season 3, DC'S 'Legends of Tomorrow' for Season 6, 'Dynasty' for Season 4, 'The Flash' for Season 7, 'In the Dark' for Season 3, 'Legacies' for Season 3, 'Riverdale' for Season 5, 'Roswell, New Mexico' for Season 3, and 'Supergirl' for Season 6. The network's popular shows 'Supernatural' and 'Arrow' will both come to an end with their current seasons.

'Black Lightning' Season 4 will most likely premiere this fall. The second half of 'Black Lightning' Season 3 will begin airing on The CW on January 20.

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