'Black Lightning' Season 3 Episode 2 will see Jefferson and ex-wife Lynn fall out as Jennifer struggles to hide her powers

The strain of being kept on lockdown by the A.S.A. is clearly starting to get to Jefferson and it looks like a rift might be forming between him and Lynn. Meanwhile, Anissa is still stuck outside city limits with soldiers gunning for her and Jennifer has problems of her own to deal with

                            'Black Lightning' Season 3 Episode 2 will see Jefferson and ex-wife Lynn fall out as Jennifer struggles to hide her powers

With Freeland under the military rule of the A.S.A., there's a lot of pressure on Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) and his family of superheroes and it looks like 'Black Lightning' Season 3's second episode is going to expose the cracks in Jefferson's relationship with his ex-wife, Dr. Lynn Stewart (Christine Adams).

And, it all starts with an unfortunate young metahuman who collapses in A.S.A. custody. Season 3's first episode introduced Maryam Luqman (Zoe Renee) as a Muslim teenager who accidentally gained powers after some bullies spiked her food with Green Light.

In the trailer for episode 2 that dropped October 8, we see Maryam collapse with blood coming out of her eyes and it is strongly implied she might die. Jefferson, who happens to be near when Maryam collapses, is bound to blame the A.S.A. for failing to care for the young woman and based on the synopsis for the episode, it looks like there's going to be a rift forming between him and Lynn, though we don't know yet whether the incident with Maryam is what triggers their fight.

Meanwhile, the episode's trailer also shows Jefferson getting into an argument with the A.S.A.'s Commander Carson Williams (Christopher B. Duncan), a metahuman soldier with the ability to mimic the powers of other metas. 

While it looks like Jefferson is solving his problems with words for the moment, his children are more than happy to let their fists do the talking. In last week's episode, we saw Jefferson's eldest daughter Anissa Pierce/Thunder(Nafessa Williams) taking on the new identity Blackbird in order to sabotage the A.S.A. and smuggle as many people out of the forcefield that the corrupt government organization has thrown up around Freeland. 


Unfortunately, in the final moments of the episode, Anissa was blasted out of the perimeter and knocked unconscious. The episode's trailer shows Anissa fighting what looks like a group of soldiers in her Blackbird identity, no doubt in order to protect the civilians under her care and somehow make her way back into the city.

With her parents in A.S.A. custody and her sister missing in action, Jennifer Pierce (China Anne McClain) is starting to feel pretty helpless, especially since she can't risk using her powers in case she catches the A.S.A.'s eye and ends up being taken into their custody.

However, the trailer shows her getting into a fight at school so she is most certainly going to have some adventures of her own. The CW also released a short clip October 14 (that you can watch above) which shows Agent Odell (Bill Duke) delivering a phone to Jennifer with a message from her parents.

The message will probably cause Jennifer some amount of emotional distress but what's worse is that Odell hints that he might call her up to join the fight, which would be a terrible idea considering the A.S.A's ultimate agenda is the creation of a metahuman army in Freeland. 

Here's the official synopsis for the upcoming episode: "With Freeland under occupation, the Pierce family gets pulled in different directions; Jefferson and Lynn are at odds with each other; Jennifer feels powerless despite having powers."

'Black Lightning' Season 3 Episode 2 will air on The CW October 14 at 9 p.m. ET. 

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